Corrupt “Christian” Music Industry: Lecrae, Toby Mack, Occult Symbolism & What Is TRUE Worship Music

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24 Responses to “Corrupt “Christian” Music Industry: Lecrae, Toby Mack, Occult Symbolism & What Is TRUE Worship Music”

  • Maranatha says:

    #souled out.. 

  • Chris Lawing says:

    Do you think it takes a lot of skill to play a hymn! you have no idea what
    you are talking about and i have had to turn this off.

  • Briana Terrero says:

    I knew this but I didn’t know what to listen to anymore! I thank God for
    the voice I have, that I may sing for Him, even if I couldn’t sing, I would
    make up my own songs. I praise Him, no pre-written lyrics needed anymore!

  • Brando Williams says:

    I don’t mind them living in nice houses but you should never have to pay to
    see a preacher preach his message. Preachers are supposed to preach the
    message across the lands for free. They are not suppose to be over
    profiting from the lord. Td jakes should not be worth 18 million dollars.
    90 percent of that money should be going into programs and jobs for local
    communities. Hard working people should be helping other hard working
    people in return who should be motivating people who don’t want to work or
    want to learn a new trade. 

  • Valeri Dvnae says:

    All praise is not acceptable to God. We must lift up our praise with
    Reverence and Holiness.

  • ObscurityIsBest says:

    Bro, I believe your heart’s in the right place, you make some good points,
    and you call out some legitimate issues/problems. However, overall, in all
    of the knowledge you present in the vid, you seem to lack understanding (I
    do not mean this in a maliciously condescending way) in how to put the
    pieces together and arrive at solid, comprehensive conclusions. 

  • TheCandySaint says:

    Well there goes my favorite band :(

  • Gayromonas Bissex do Y.T says:

    god will not send you to hell because you’re listen to some kind of music,
    just stop being ridiculous and get a fucking job!

  • DarkAceKirby says:

    How dim can you be? TobyMac is Christian, and Lecrae is Christian! Stop
    trying to make the only Christian hip-hop artists who stand up for Jesus
    into frauds! I bet if I became a hip-hop artist, people would make up crap
    about me, too! So, leave them alone, they have done nothing wrong.

  • james wells says:

    money is not the root of all evil ,the LOVE of money is the root of all
    evil my brother ,be careful with the truth .

  • Anna M says:

    Christians are Idolizing these singers. Please! Pray for Discernment!

  • Madam Fragger says:

    After listening to this, I just got rid of my TobyMac songs..
    (I was already starting to question him after seeing the one eye on his
    album, and thought it strange..)

  • Jairo Parra says:

    Here is Toby’s explanation for that song:

    What people should know about this lyric is that “ill am I” actually means
    “broken am I.” The next line says “and you, illuminati coming through” –
    illuminati is defined as “persons possessing, or claiming to possess,
    superior enlightenment.”

    So when I talked to Glenn, he confirmed that the song was really speaking
    out against a Pharisee-type attitude, aka “holier than thou.” So the chorus
    is saying, “broken am I, and you, those who claim to possess superior
    enlightenment, are coming through,” as in, “YOU’RE spiritually enlightened,
    YOU have it all together. [sarcasm implied]” But of course, they really
    don’t, and the song stands to remind us that we’re all broken.

    Obviously I’ve been made aware that there’s supposedly a secret society
    called “the Illuminati” that dates back for years … but I don’t know much
    about it beyond that. I know I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and that
    neither the song “Ill M I” nor the album artwork was intended to refer to
    that usage of the word illuminati. It just has nothing to do with my world
    or following Jesus or raising my kids and loving my wife.

  • edward pope says:


  • Chris Lawing says:

    To me music provokes such a powerful emotion within. I don’t get any
    feeling listening to hyms because the music is outdated and robotic. I get
    way more from listening to some of these christian bands that i do in a
    worship service. I do not see were any deception is. These bands go on
    secular tours, yes, but doesn’t God command us to go to places were we
    normally wound’t to witness. You could say the same about a christian
    wearing certain clothing. If he wears the latest fashions and goes to a
    secular venue to witness is he deceiving people? Certain musical trends are
    like fashion trends. Just people the music relates to a generation, doesn’t
    mean you should discredit the words and INTENT. 

  • sk8ersbus1 says:

    That Lecrae song he shared was SO STUPID!!! That is NOT worship!!! and
    TobyMac is creepy enough, even without pointing out the illuminati in his
    song. Thank GOD for delivering me from listening to this garbage!!! I can
    tell you from experience this Christian hip hop stuff is addicting, and
    WILL NOT bring out the best in one’s personality!!!! Right on,

  • Neothink Maki says:

    your topic is deceptive to your title

  • JZawork says:

    Huge flaw with the “song to God” and “song to the world”. First of all, we
    have no translation of the lyrics so those who don’t speak Spanish. The
    first video was of a worship session. The other was a party. There is
    nothing in the Bible about playing music that praises God to also
    entertain. And Matthew 18:6 is talking about children. Such as abusing a
    child. Romans 14. You can choose not to listen to that kind of music, but
    you can’t condemn those who do listen to or perform it because there is
    nothing Biblical that actually says anything against this kind of music.
    You have no idea the hearts of Christian artists. Absolutely, there are
    plenty of people that are in it for the money. But there is nothing wrong
    with creating a song to fit with today’s culture. Hymns reflected the
    current popular music writings at the time, they are just much older than
    today’s songs.

    And for Daniel 3:7, almost all the same instruments were used to praise God:

    Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in His sanctuary: praise Him in the
    firmament of His power. Praise Him for His mighty acts: praise Him
    according to His excellent greatness. Praise Him with the sound of the
    trumpet: praise Him with the psaltery and harp. Praise Him with the timbrel
    and dance: praise Him with stringed instruments and organs.

    It’s all about the heart. The people who bowed to the idol were worshiping
    with a heart towards the idol. If the people who worship are singing to
    God, I believe the worship is pure.

  • Arizona person says:

    There are a few ‘rotten apples’ in every bunch. If you are saved, you can
    tell and feel it in the music with the words and the message. 

  • marconi314 says:

    Why not add something else . . .

    In a song by Toby Mac called, “Somebody’s Watching”, he appears at the end
    of the song to equate himself with God!

    The ending lyrics are repeated, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”
    Who would that “somebody” be? That would be God they’re talking about.

    HOWEVER, the very last lyric of the song is, “I always feel like TOBY MAC.”
    It seems as though Toby has replaced God with himself as the last line in
    the song.

    Check it out for yourself.

  • greybigshark says:

    @ 4:33 you should be more educated than that -_-

  • Rawk4Life says:

    “You can choose to be gullible, and justify all of this, justify all.”
    Pretty much the same as “people can choose to believe in your wacked out
    conspiracy theories, even if they are far fetched,” right? Individuals like
    you are what turn others off from Christianity in general because you’d
    rather focus on accusing Christian artists and celebrities of practicing
    evil based on misconstrued symbolism, rather than focus on what they
    actually accomplish for the Kingdom of God.

  • missnatasha2011 says:

    TD Jakes is a fraud…ive always felt that something was off about this
    man. And i was right!

  • John Drew says:

    +Nephtali1981 I was reading the post below – I think some people may be
    confusing musical worship with worship. In the scriptures Jesus says in
    John 4:23,24 that ‘ an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers
    will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father
    seeks to be His worshipers.God is spirit, and those who worship Him must
    worship in spirit and truth.” Actually worship has to do with who he is as
    opposed to what he has done and not so much about the music. “The song
    comes from what has been revealed to us by the Holy Ghost – Revelation. We
    also know that the angels constantly worship the lord none stop “And the
    four living creatures, each one of them having six wings, are full of eyes
    around and within; and day and night they do not cease to say, “HOLY, HOLY,
    9 And when the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who
    sits on the throne, to Him who lives forever and ever,…” (Rev. 6:4) It’s
    not how a thing sounds as much as where its coming from. The scripture
    says, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” I
    think the praising gets so confused with the worship – that people think
    its the same. The scripture never excluded who should praise God but those
    who worship him. Worship involves ones life in total servitude to the
    savior. When I think about worship – I’m always reminded of the Old
    Testament and the Tabernacle. There was point after where the Priest came
    to the Holy of Holies – which was separated by a thick veil. There he would
    make intercession for the people of Israel before the ark of the covenant.
    This was an early representation of what our worship was supposed to be.
    Being that Christ has given his Holy Spirit to dwell within us – so that we
    can go – in our hearts before a throne of Grace. The music Industry Secular
    and Christian are all distributed by the same buyers who make product
    available in commercial (retail) markets. The only sanctity you’ll find is
    on your knees in prayer. In all honesty, the music industry has been this
    way since the Jesus movement of the 60’s and 70’s. From Nashville to Newark
    NJ Christian music found its way to secular markets because many country
    (Blue grass), blues, Soul, and rock artist had Church and Gospel roots.
    People have to learn that Jesus doesn’t have speak through Christians –
    sometimes he can do it through a mule (Num chp. 22). 

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