Dave Foley’s Divorce (from Joe Rogan Experience #82)

Taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #82 with Dave Foley (http://bit.ly/12XSWUo), also available for download via iTunes.

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25 Responses to “Dave Foley’s Divorce (from Joe Rogan Experience #82)”

  • Aaron Franz says:

    Sounds like Foley’s ex wife is a psychopath. This “borderline personality
    disorder” business is a lot of crap. Anyone interested in learning about
    psychopathy should check out Thomas Sheridan’s work. He has a youtube
    channel. Very important subject.

  • joae1975 says:

    And this is why I’m single.

  • buzz lightyear says:

    I hope when I find a woman she isn’t like Dave’s ex.

  • LovelyYTRocks says:

    He should kill her and then himself, or just kill himself. This bitch is
    crazy and will ruin is life. Why not end her life? Or just move somewhere
    completely and not see your kids. Have them find you when they’re 22.

  • Putan Mircea says:

    ” I’m chopping my dick off tonight “

  • Ricky Parmar says:

    any time I have a bad day, I’ll watch this-to remind myself that shit could
    be worse

  • grn lantern says:

    Oh…my…god,I’m not sure psychotic is the right word for this woman. He’s
    gotta petition to the United Nations or something this is in-humane what
    there doing in Canada. He’s gonna go to jail for not being rich enough and
    keep going back to jail for pretty much being in jail, lose his career and
    life’s work, and pretty much lose his kids for a divorce settlement. How
    can you resist not pulling the plug on yourself you got nothing left.

  • Marty Robinson says:

    Subscribed. Seriously, Canada and especially that judge are destroying
    marriage with the law. 

  • Random8806 says:

    When the sex shuts down when you become a couple and not married. End it.
    I feel completely sorry for Dave but damn, he should have seen the flags
    from the get go. After all this shit I have heard, it almost makes me
    want to kill myself. I will never get married. EVER!!!! This shit is
    like a living nitemare!

  • TMac473 says:

    Men: DO NOT GET M A R R I E D . 

  • Abon Bon says:

    holy jesus

  • GridironWarPlans says:

    way to go feminists! we did it!

  • jigyoda says:

    +ariannahiggins This isn’t about you

  • ken swagger says:

    So thats why some guys get hitmans to do the job. Like the vocalist in As I
    Lay Dying.

  • stackaloha says:

    thats the most evil story I’ve heard in a long long time. he shoulda hired
    a hit man lmao

  • Pete420 says:

    This is fucking crazy!

  • cogen651 says:

    How is this possible? This sounds like insane world! Holy crap!

  • Zeke Lentil says:

    When I was a boy, 14 years old, my biggest dream was to meet a nice girl,
    get married, have a son and be an excellent dad. While other boys were
    probably fantasizing about threesomes, this was my fantasy. Fortunately, I
    didn’t knock up a girl and I had the opportunity to learn how fucked up
    society is that we treat men like this. A woman has the final decision
    about whether or not she is going to have a child. Abstenance, birth
    control, abortions, etc. Men have no say in this matter except to not fuck
    crazy bitches. Condoms dont work 100%, women lie about birth control and
    fertility, women lie about paternity, and the courts give all the power to
    the females. If a man doesnt want to have a child, and a woman decides to
    have it anyway (because only SHE has the right to choose), a man should
    have the right to choose to abandon all paternal rights and
    responsibilities. Then she can’t choose to divorce him, collect child
    support and paternity ad infinitum, while living with some other dude who
    pays her rent and groceries.

  • johnny d says:

    This is what happens when your a stupid man who marries a psycho chick. he
    stayed with a girl that never even fucked him for 11 years. i guarantee
    that he made every possible mistake in the divorce as well. 

  • Tommy T says:

    Sounds just like my ex 

  • BionicGroin says:

    Ohhhhh, that explains why dave foley was in the postal movie.

  • Wes919 says:

    Don’t get married! Maybe it will work, but it won’t work for you. Do you
    really think you know something that all of the divorced couples out there
    don’t know? At best, you got a flip of the coin. There is no reason to do
    it beyond sentimentality and bullshit expectations from society. What’s sad
    is that most of us, possibly including myself, will meet a girl and think
    that we can beat the odds. You can’t. It’s bullshit. Don’t do it.

  • Paul Jackson says:

    Poor guy. I don’t want to add to his woes, but if he’s saying that they had
    sex only once a year is he even sure that the kids are his?

    Did he have a paternity test?

  • Zeke Lentil says:

    Professor Tom Leykis everyone. That is all

  • 62SG says:

    Joe Rogan, this Dave Foley guy’s bumming me the fuck out.

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