Devi Mahatmyam – Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu

New video:

Added versus as sub titles in English and Sanskrit. Reference::

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25 Responses to “Devi Mahatmyam – Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu”

  • viperov says:

    Jai Mata Rani!

    Thank you Mata for all you have given me and also for all that you have not given me.

  • anandaanv says:

    lots of gramatical mistakes… we should try to avoid this.. else it is good!!

  • hardiksv says:

    Thanx a million who uploaded this wonderfull & helpful video & wonderfull voice, also.
    Jay mataji, Jay ambe, Jay durge, Jay Bhavani

  • pappuspeak says:

    download the latest vesion of real player and it will help you to download this video to your computer. you can store it as video or convert as mp3 depending on your choice.

  • sats318 says:

    excellent voice.

  • shockloop1 says:

    hi all! I want to download this invaluable and precious prayer , please let me know somebody ,how ? Thanks ! and also can anyone tell me where can i downlaod DURGA SAPTSHATI …
    Om namoh narayani !!!!!

  • baquerojorge says:

    Absolute Beauty, So enlightenment.
    May Maha Devi bless you!!

  • SwamikoBrighter says:

    Good Job!
    Sankrit sloka, its english translation and pronounciation-all in one video!
    God Bless You!

  • ashvinimarwah says:

    a good salutation

  • manikshag says:

    incredible. it makes the soul so pure , so pure cant explain in words. the voice is also so sweet n pure.
    cant we download it so that we can hear everyday.

  • manoj1727 says:

    jai mata di

  • meru111111 says:

    jai mata di…..

  • ashwati9 says:

    this video is a service to human kind.. the mantras and thier explation along with the nectar sweet voice is icing on the cake

  • arunvithi says:

    @rajimini, correct.

  • rajimini says:

    awesome and incredible.Listen to this shlokas and trust me all your pains will be over.Indeed kabhi kisi ka bura mat karna aur devi durga will never be by your side.Indeed ma durga is mother who is there to love you like her own child.Jai maa durga

  • sticky4rod says:

    great point for using devnagri script in this. thanks
    only through devnagri script can we understand the sandhi and other complexities of hindi and sanskrit langaue-

  • polykarp says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for creating this wonderful video! Finally it all comes together:
    To know the meaning of the mantras. I have read that this is of utmost importance and one should always contemplate on the meaning of the recited mantra.
    It is also very good to know how to pronounce / sing it correctly. And having a good melody to recite the mantras is like the sooji halwa after the main dish!!

  • sasdasbd says:

    This video is awesome. Thanks!

  • thorscave says:

    Thanks for creating/posting this video. I enjoy watching/listening to it all the time.

  • 314159265352 says:

    Beautiful. thanks for lyrics and meaning.

  • arunvithi says:

    gratitude in form of words are not enough.
    thank you. may maa bless us all. JAI MAA!

  • kishorsshah says:

    Nice with text highlighting.

  • anabob29 says:

    it is alka yagnik? no?

  • eeeabhi says:

    Durga Maa aaapki Raksha kare .
    Jai Mata di.. Awesome text highlighting
    Thanks a lot !!

  • panjimutai says:


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