did god reveal the name of the Anti Christ? (must watch)

FIRST OF ALL…i did NOT made this video (except the music and title screen), i just found it somewhere on the net and it was kinda interesting so i decided …

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22 Responses to “did god reveal the name of the Anti Christ? (must watch)”

  • Marlin Rice says:

    First I feel Obama must be removed from Office before he destroys the
    country. However the first strong translation is wrong the second was right
    but I think this is wrong and a misuse of scripture. astrapē as-trap-ay’
    From G797; lightning; by analogy glare: – lightning, bright shining.
    bâmâh baw-maw’ From an unused root (meaning to be high); an elevation: –
    height, high place, wave. This is what I got when researched using e-sword
    the digital Bible study tool.

  • dragoscilvio says:

    Do not quote me, for I am definitely no scholar, this is merely my personal
    opinion. But I have heard some scholars say that the fall of Babylon may
    even reference America. But I don’t know. So please, don’t flame, I am
    merely repeating things I have heard.

  • Melanie Evans says:

    Just looked up words 1299, 1300 and 1301 in Hebrew. It is just as this vid
    describes. It says Baraq is Barak. It means lightning–cast forth ;flashing
    sword and all that was shown above…the music makes it emotional 🙁 but
    the real work is to determine the influence of the Isaiah passage…is that
    really talking about Satan? Is it talking about some ancient king that got
    in trouble? Need to do the homework on that one. This is very strange,

  • Melanie Evans says:

    judge not lest you be judged with the same judgment…thanks for proving

  • wh4tever5 says:

    Harry Potter.

  • explodingcandies says:

    heights not heigths!! bitch you got the spelling wrong…

  • Melanie Evans says:

    I have researched this more esp Isaiah 14. It def. appears that it is just
    discussing the fall of a Babylonian king. However Rev. 18 and 19 discuss
    the coming fall of Babylon. Now, Babylon is ancient…or is it? I googled
    does Issaiah 14 refer to satan and read a lot of stuff. The bits of word I
    know from the Bible have me cross ref. suspiciously…I am not sure about

  • darrk77 says:

    Literal analysis… plus the Scoring is too loud!!!

  • Melanie Evans says:

    hmm…i do not know. I would think most everything would be over there in
    the East?? I do not know either.

  • wesme1432 says:

    lame, this is not choose your own adventure hebrew, NOOB! go and read the
    context! You are making yourself look bad………. this vid=FAIL

  • NicLikePewds says:

    Barack obama is the anti christ in the bible it says there is a marking the
    antichrist is giving us and if you say no the antichrist will punish you
    and god will help you to heaven and geuss what barack obama is giving us a
    chip that is scanned and thats the marking so yes i belive this vid

  • droptozro says:

    @Firnubulations (cont) Rightly so too, since all are under the law–and all
    have been disobedient. Jericho fell due to disobedience to God, and any
    infants/kids that died not knowing the law–would have gone to heaven. This
    is an immortal view, not a mortal view. The kids/infants not knowing
    right/wrong cannot be judged–therefore they are saved immortally. Ones
    that do know right/wrong will be judged–and rightly so again. All have
    broken the law–all deserve hell.

  • wesme1432 says:

    this is a stretch, no context, no link…. you fail, don’t be dumb. only an
    idiot would follow this line of lunacy. read the word and don’t embarrass
    the rest of us Christians.

  • Melanie Evans says:

    The first strong translation is wrong? I have it open and under my elbows
    right now. Want me to send you a picture? What do you think of the Isaiah

  • droptozro says:

    @Firnubulations If God judges a nation? He is evil? Says who? You? You
    determine what’s righteous/evil now? I think this world is in trouble if
    you’re deciding what’s right/wrong… God Bless

  • wesme1432 says:

    don’t be dumb, you are embarrassing to the rest of christians. no context,
    foolish linking of choose your own adventure hebrew………….. epic fail
    Noob 🙁

  • lostmoon77 says:

    Desperately seeking.

  • droptozro says:

    @Firnubulations 1) God judges others based on the actions of others? Point
    to where? I completely agree with you, God does not judge others based on
    others actions. If you’re referring to original sin, it’s a lie–it was
    actually a Gnostic doctrine. 2) I have read Joshua, and many other
    scriptures that seem harsh… but I am also not God, nor would I have the
    right to judge what God does. Actually, He could, and will by people’s own
    disobedience–God has His standard, not yours.

  • Stacy Thomas says:

    I knew with a name like barak hussein obama that he was bad, and every
    since he became president Ive been reading lots of the book of revalation
    in the bible.

  • MegumiFF7 says:

    first of all read the description 🙂 i said i did not made this video
    idiot…so stop being rude dude

  • David Harley says:

    good grief…is there nothing that a republican will not say to try to gain
    the presidency…come on… now obama is the anti-christ. republicans are
    the most rediculous, mud slinging, peices of crap that there are. just so
    you know i’m not for romney OR obama. this country is to entrench along
    political lines that most normal people instead of voting for the best man
    for the job they vote for the lesser of TWO evils. i think it is time for a
    new political party.

  • hjw3001 says:

    This is silly, plus everyone knows that George W. Bush is the Anti Christ.

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