Did the “Devil” create religion?

Did the “Devil” create religion?
Read this question, according to history Christianity is the most evil religion. Of course they hide behind the mask of “righteousness”…

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Answer by tjknoclass
No man did>

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27 Responses to “Did the “Devil” create religion?”

  • photosuperstar01 says:

    I think the devil created your prostate gland.

  • itsmevic says:

    Man did.

  • dixiegirl687 says:

    the devil is a creation of religion

  • t_bo says:

    The devil probably created the factioning of religions. This is what causes many wars and battles to take place in the name of a religions beliefs.

  • dianadgenius says:

    What kind of question is that???!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy says:

    How can devil create religion?? DUH thats a stupid question!!

  • Bonny says:

    the devil comes in many forms..

  • phishhu says:

    Man created religion in order to appease their own selfish desires so that they wouldn’t have to follow God’s true plan; The Bible.

  • phillipb30 says:

    man created religon to help explain that witch he could not

  • Prince says:

    i think he created his own religion, to lead people into the dark i guess you can say.but he did not start religion.

  • gailforce_wind says:


  • maqupr says:

    Taking into account the many deaths as result of organized religion and how man has twisted it to give him power at one point or another I’d say probably yes.

  • littleturtleboy says:

    Religions by themselves are not necessarily good or evil, but its what men do with it that defines good or evil.

    It is man who created religion. And if you do believe that Christianity is the most evil religion, I offer this, its the people who practiced it who may have been the ones who are evil.

    In the end, most religious faiths have pretty basic tenets with the ultimate one being “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you” or “Do NOT do unto others what you do NOT want them to do to you”. This is found in the big Western three as well as in Eastern belief systems. However, like any belief system, people can use it for their own gain and ends.

  • cornishpiskie1 says:

    man did…and I agree christianity is an evil religion

  • scoot says:

    no not at all

  • mr.beefstick says:

    religion is a huge waste of time. Life is so much better without the guilt and shame and worrying about whether or not some mythical, fablistic entity is watching us.

    Who cares. You are worm food when you die. Bottom line.

  • Ike says:

    It’s a shame when men use the name and authority of God for unrighteous purposes, and I am sure it saddens him a great deal, however, men are easily corrupted, by Satan and his whispersing of power and dominion over others, therefore many religions have endured their share of corrunptions, that is not to say that God is corrupted, but man.

  • h99a11a4 says:

    I don’t think so.

  • remix says:

    The Devil is merely a char in religion… Christianity is a religion based on freed of choice.. we know wat is wrong and what is right.. it is the devil who is behind the wrong.. When we do the wrong and know it, we sin, we tell the devil he is right and encourage him.. all he wants is the destruction of the human race.. that is why we have the grace of God.. with that we could not overcome the temptation of sin. That is why we need to stay strong and not fall in to the beliefs that sepertate us from being together..

  • Rob says:

    The same historians who call Christianity evil are the same ones who ignore the centuries of giving, care and compassion that christians have shared with people in need.

  • thebeljar says:

    i think the devil simply found ways to corrupt christians and the church in order to cause it to do evil. i believe christianity is right, but part of christianity says that even the most adhement followers are subject to deviance, and i think satan probably targets those with the most power and influence with special emphasis.

  • lucyta says:

    let’s see….
    they rape, they steal, they kill , they control in the name of their religion…..
    yep…the devil created religion.

  • kjohn133 says:

    Religion is simply organized faith or worship in God, satan inspired false religion and Nimrod was the first person recorded in the bible to practice false religion , but when God set up the nation of Israel and set up a convenant (an agreement) with them along with guidelines on how to worship him correctly (separate from the debased acts of false or pagan worship) , he (God)established true worship

  • xmrksduspt says:

    The devil created his own religion which is why there are bands that speak in reverse and people that are suicidal. If some is christan and does evil stuff then they are not christan. I’m christan and I don’t do stupid S***.

  • insanity_is_my_sin says:

    =D aww.. you poor misguided soul. Yes yes, if you said that the ‘Devil’ who whispers and persuades humans – those that are easy to corrupt, then yes! Honestly, humans can get excited when they did something out of the ordinary. Some loves the attention, and some are very egoistic. Then one day, BAM. The person thinks that he’s God and he makes his idealistic ways a ‘religion’.

    *smirk* oh yeah, chistianity. No comment =D i cant say it’s evil. I CAN say that some that claim they’re christian are corrupted >_>;; i mean, you say that it’s wrong to kill. and yet you did it on a daily basis. >_>;; Examples : 9/11 and iraq wars. Hello? innocent people + death = bad

  • Das_hammer says:

    Man created the concept of God, the Devil, and religion. God has never killed anyone. Men (of all religions) have killed hundreds of millions of each other. The question should be who is the most effeicent at it, and THAT is the one that God favors most…..Right?

  • refots02 says:

    Excellent question, I will deffenently be pondering that with my buddies. But here is a question for you? What if the Roman’s created the Bible to control masses of people. Think about it, the Roman’s where at their hieght then, and they needed a way to control the masses, but maybe ceaser didn’t want to put it in effect and the word got out, and they had to make an exaple of someone.

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