DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Lee vs. Sapp

Tony and Elaine have been together for twelve years. Elaine says she is ready to get married but for some reason, Tony always seems to get cold feet when it …
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18 Responses to “DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Lee vs. Sapp”

  • Padoryn Darkwater says:

    My wife and I nearly waited 16yrs before gettin married. Sometimes you get
    busy living life and next thing you know BAM 16yrs later.

  • godslove0609 says:

    Wow 7 kids a few more and they can have their own basketball team

  • Clint C Brantley says:

    They’re already married! 12 years? Who needs a ring after 12 years in a
    relationship with six children? Really? 

  • Arius Black says:

    Picture of a couple of idiots in action. 

  • highgradechub says:

    six kids at 28!!….that’s bad for a woman even for a man but most man will
    lie about the amount of kids they have to females …..i’m not having so
    many kids unless i’m rich ….imagine me single with six kids i can’t have
    no girlfriends man unless she is rich.

  • amazingrace pp says:

    I want to feel sorry for this woman, but it’s really difficult. While the
    man was going to school, she should have been doing the same or learning a
    trade, as opposed to spreading her legs and having 7 children.

  • Divorce Court says:

    This single lady is looking to put a ring on it, but the father of her 6
    kids is dragging his feet. Watch #show

  • TheHybridGibbon says:

    its a divorce court but they are not married..eh??
    it just seems like a couple therapy session to me, why are they in court !?

  • YTeecher1 says:

    is it still called dating when you have a couple kids with your man?????

  • TarraAncientStar says:

    birthcontrol!! its not that expensive

  • Donald Neil says:

    this episode is just sad, i wouldve torn it up right in front of him

  • drlovie says:

    Very depressing. She lost her power as she kept having children with this
    jerk. 7 children at 28 equals no advancement. 

  • dick labobo says:

    What’s with this face book what am I missing look she,s short fat over
    weight and wearing a wig other than the 6 kids he should not have had why
    do he want this country talking chick

  • BlessedGeeGee says:


  • Sedd Freeney says:

    28 years old and 6 kids? Too damn fertile!

  • iwantgoodies777 says:

    “with numerous of women?”…”it’s numerous of times?” smh… and 7 kids wow
    what great genes and intellect to pass on…

  • Nicole Edwards says:

    Some folks dont pay attention to the signs…

  • blackandwhiteangel13 says:

    You just don’t know how irritated I got when I heard they had 6 children,
    and this episode is BEFORE YOUR VOWS, seriously!? I hate to be the one to
    judge but 6 children and you didn’t bother to think of marriage? Did they
    not think to marry after kid 1 or 2, so they would have a secure legitimate
    family? If marriage isn’t your thing than so be it, do your thing, but why
    do they want to get married now?

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