Do Jews believe in “Lucifer”, as the mightiest fallen angel, in perpetual battle against God?

Do Jews believe in “Lucifer”, as the mightiest fallen angel, in perpetual battle against God?

…or demons, anything of that kind?

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Answer by Aryeh M

Jews believe that there are no fallen angels. Angels have no free will and therefore cannot opose the will of God.

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6 Responses to “Do Jews believe in “Lucifer”, as the mightiest fallen angel, in perpetual battle against God?”

  • Izzy_Cool says:


    Lucifer aka “the Devil” is a Christian schtick.

    Jews believe Satan is “HaSaTan” who works FOR G-d as his attorney general. He cannot do anything without G-d’s approval and certainly has no power other than what G-d gave him.

    Christians HAVE to believe in Lucifer and Hell in order to have that “original sin” gimmick which, in turn, gives Jesus a role to play.

    No original sin, no role for Jesus.

    EDIT: I love reading L ‘Chaim JPA’s answers…gotta appreciate brains like that. Got, beauty too? Oy, I may faint.

  • ✿Flobot✿ says:

    I’m a bit surprised at the above posters. The Old Testament specifically has Satan playing a very big role in the first days of the creation of man. The snake being “Satan” is disguise. To trick Eve into eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and giving some to her husband.

    Satan is mentioned as being a serpent in many biblical passages. As far as I know though, only in the New Testament.

    There is original sin, and it is that Adam and Eve had knowledge of good and evil. Satan tricked them because he was jealous that YHWH created man. So he wanted man to also want to be like YHWH, just as Satan did when he was an angel.

    The curse for original sin for both the snake and Eve, is that both will have enmity between each other and between both of our “seeds” offspring. Which is mentioned later as being Y’shua Messiah and the Anti-Christ.

  • L'Chaim JPA says:

    Lucifer is not found in the Hebrew Bible. It is a mistranslation found in the Christian “old” testament.

    Angels do not have free will. Angels are nothing more than God’s messengers — they have NO power of their own.

    An angel cannot *fall.* They are sent for one purpose only.

    Your “battle against God” is a Christian concept derived from Zoroastrianism, NOT from Judaism. Original sin is also a Christian concept used to require a man-made god for salvation.

  • kismet770 says:

    For Jews, anything that even remotely conflicts with the idea that God is One and Indivisible will be rejected because it precludes true, pure, monotheism. The idea that there is a God in heaven above who fights against a god of the underworld, or hell, is not monotheism, however, it is the same duality found in other pagan faiths. The Bible speaks of a character known as The Satan, who acts like a prosecuting attorney, or a district attorney, in God’s court. However, The Satan has no power or authority in and of himself, rather he must get permission from the Judge, God, to do anything.

  • Hello, Dad. says:

    ‘Lucifer’ is an Anglicization of the Latin Vulgate which was based on a questionable Greek translation of the Hebrew. So you’ve got a good few ‘translations’ and interpretations before you get to it.

    The Hebrew refers to the epithet (Morning Star) of a Babylonian king.

    The passage is straight forward and in no way mentions an angel. Like many Christian misreadings, this one is based on an attempt to make sense of a faulty translation, theology from erratum.

  • Zeep says:

    No, no Lucifer, no devil, no demons. Makes it a lot easier for us to sleep after the horror movies.

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