Do Not Call Morgan Freeman “A Man of God”!

Actor Morgan Freeman being interviewed on CNN about his new series, “Through the Wormhole”. He objects when the co-host refers to him as a “man of god”, but …
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25 Responses to “Do Not Call Morgan Freeman “A Man of God”!”

  • Lindsay Jenney says:

    sorry, Morgan, evidence isnt faith, its EVIDENCE. I’m kinda sad b/c i just
    lost respect for your intellect. Perhaps you just know how to pick
    excellent movie parts

  • Boxingisthebomb says:

    Correct me if Im wrong, but as far as Im aware isn’t Morgan Freedom in fact
    God?…I watched a documentary called Bruce the allmigthy, and Im pretty
    sure Morgan Freedom was god…

  • Sean Murphy says:

    Scientists do not propose theories they propose hypotheses. Please avoid
    this misunderstanding yourself, there are very important differences
    between scientific hypotheses, theories, and laws, look up the definitions.

  • sweetshaman says:

    Here’s a thought experiment:

    A Muslim so fervent for Allah is ready to kill infidels as the Q’uran
    Opposite is a Christian so fervently against Satan he must cleanse the
    temple by killing such non-believers.

    The two warriors meet – But for some reason they come to their senses and
    declare their holy books must be crazy so they choose peace.

    Where does God’s Wrath go if people decide HE doesn’t exist?

  • stiimuli says:

    I like that Mr. Freeman clarified (somewhat) his position on not being a
    “man of god” but his description of science seemed way off to me. NOTHING
    in science is taken on faith except the simple assumption that there is a
    reality we can observe and understand to varying degrees of reliability
    based on rigorous testing. Yes, some things we thought were right at one
    time turned out to be not quite right or completely wrong later but that’s
    simply due to the amount of information available. At the time, those
    notions were consistent with the information we had up to that point.
    Faith, by contrast, is believing something in the absence of reliable
    indication its true or in direct contradiction to what the evidence

  • Jose M. Rodriguez Jr. says:

    I could write an epic moral/immoral book just like the bible and make
    profit from it. Who is to say that it isn’t true that the Illuminati is a
    birth name, or a rightful copyright holder in all bible publishing and
    different religions of many different races are funding this load of
    garbage. The bible is a short novel if anything. I can write my own bible
    and say it is the way people should live and make a new history of my own.
    I am an Atheist too, there is nothing wrong with being Atheist, and once
    you choose to convert you will feel a ton of pressure release from your
    body following your new choice of life. Religion, right along side the
    illegal drug market make the most profits in this world. When it all comes
    down to it, it is all about money and gaining followers to support a higher
    power business, almost like a ominous omnipresent presence that you don’t
    believe exists, but they exist everywhere!

  • motopilot322 says:

    Ol morgan really doesnt know what thee fuck he is talking about… hosting
    doesnt bring knowledge.. it brings a script with someone elses thoughts for
    you to repeat…

  • april flynn says:

    this puzzles me . you have faith but not faith in God.

  • 90fulAwesome says:

    “if we can imagine it. We can do it. you atheist fuck.” you disgust me. Why
    don’t atheist look at the miracle of life. They think it was a mere chance

  • shitonskyrim says:

    How the fuck does some one who thinks Horoscopes actually play a role in
    real life get their own air time on national television? Fuck me, who are
    these clowns working for the news companies?

  • George Stoitzev says:

    It’s rather humorous that Christian theologians are never as open-minded
    and empathetic of others compared to atheists. In a sense the atheists act
    more like “Christ” as those who follow him

  • KING POE says:

    how do you loose respect for someone you do not know ? however he does
    have a point

  • michael palmer says:

    Faith isn’t anything tangible. It’s not real and is, therefore, only
    valuable to the person who holds it. It is subjective as well and like
    perception, which is also individualized, it is different for everyone.
    That’s what always amazed me about religious people. They fail to examine
    these very basic concepts. When you say you believe in have faith in God I
    say what God? The God of my mind or the God of yours? Because there is no
    identical perception of an intangible object which God is. It’s different
    for everyone. So what you’re really saying is you have a shared
    understanding of a set of precepts which define your belief system. That’s
    fine. But allow for the fact that everyone, in fact most people on this
    green earth, don’t share your belief in those precepts. Allow for the true
    fact that everyone comes to their own perception of God on their own way.
    Even atheists recognize their personal truths in their way and connect with
    their belief system which, under your rules, equates to God.

    Allow for the variance of opinion on a subject that no one, including you
    “know it in your heart” (which means zero btw) types. Because at the end of
    the day that’s what they are because out cannot be proven either way. And
    if you disagree, nod your head and say thank you for sharing. And quite
    with the silly arguments about faith vs evidence like they’re of equal
    weight. Evidence it’s tangible faith is a feeling. Faith persuades the weak
    minded, evidence assures the strong.

    Faith is useless. It’s why we don’t use it in court because it’s subjective
    and, surprise, it’s been wrong on gazillions of occasions. Yet
    surprisingly, when faced with proof positive that their faith in whatever
    was misguided, people who give credence to faith over fact still believe
    their misguided notions. Which is what makes their minds weak. 

  • Yoeri Koster says:

    It’s exaclty what he says.. “we are all part of an experiment” nobody knows
    what the fuck they are doing, everyone was once a child, that grew up and
    suddenly became an adult, with a lot of questions still resonating fromg
    their childhood. The weirdist part is, that there are some people that
    claim to know what the fuck they are doing, but when faced with logic
    reasoning, hold no grounds. We are all born in an pre-existing world, with
    no knowledge, only our surroundings as a guide and at an early age faced
    with 1 hard fact, we all die. We are all just trying to coop with that all
    the time, conciously and unconciously, in the best way we think how. 

  • Frapsta says:

    Damn I really wish he hadn’t claimed science is faith-based, I loved him so
    much and he broke my heart. Whatever, at least he still has his voice going
    for him. 

  • Scorch Mane says:

    I want a shovel that chuckles in a creepy way when you pull it out, and
    goes ‘Yeah’ every time you swing it.
    Because that would be funny for Christians to explain, since I doubt God
    would manifest into a gardening implement and put a rape face on the blade
    of the shovel. Seriously, the bible would be hilarious.
    “…and then Moses proclaimed; ‘Thou shalt not withstand thy blow from our
    Holy Weapon, I smite thee.’ And God proclaimeth in a voice most Holy;

  • daniel conlin says:

    Lola, horoscopes pure baloney, but god and Christ… Aw yeah, there’s
    something we can really believe in.

  • NickleJ says:

    I’m glad to see a high profile celebrity refute “god” and support science,
    but he has no idea what he’s talking about. “Faith” as it is understood in
    a religious context has nothing to do with science.

  • Sam Rockett says:

    Hear is something to consider

    Religion was created by human beings, therefore their ways of worship were
    just invented by humans… Ill leave people to end this argument starter 

  • Camarggio says:

    Atheism is good news.

  • Joey Bagadonuts says:

    Ok, Mr. Freeman, you don’t believe in God. How ’bout the Devil? You will.

  • Naggud Knarf says:

    What if I told you that the theory of evolution doesn’t defy creationism?
    That the universe was designed, and then built through the very processes
    that church leaders say go against the Bible?

    If God is infinitely wise, surely he was smart enough to arrange the subtle
    details of the stuff that existed before the big bang, so that they would
    lead to the world as it is today.

  • mamuteremix says:

    Morgan Freeman is no man of god, Morgan Freeman IS GOD!

  • Dana Love says:

    Christmas can be a season of great joy. It is a time of God showing His
    great love for us. It can be a time of healing and renewed strength. You
    see, Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. God sent
    His Son, Jesus, into the world to be born. His birth brought great joy to
    the world. Shepherds, wise men, and angels all shared in the excitement of
    knowing about this great event

  • Xander James says:

    In relation to my previous comment, Jesus is the way the truth and the
    life, no one can come to the father unless he believes in Jesus. You must
    understand, Jesus died for us, for our wrong doing, because we do wrong.
    our heart is deceitful and knows only selfish and deep wickedness. You cant
    and wont go to heaven unless you become a Christian which means FOLLOWER OF
    CHRIST. Not just for a title, but for actually submitting to his word and
    will. living like Jesus, having the mind of Christ. a NON BELEIVER will not
    inherit heaven. The gift of GOD is ETERNAL LIFE AFTER DEATH through his son
    JESUS, all you have to do is believe and you will be saved x

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