Do you believe Obama is the “Antichrist”?

Do you believe Obama is the “Antichrist”?

Do you believe Obama is the “Antichrist”?
I don’t, but this sure is convincing….

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Answer by Yoda Cookie Monster
It seems that helping the poor and accepting people of all nations is exactly what Jesus taught.

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10 Responses to “Do you believe Obama is the “Antichrist”?”

  • Chaos Lord says:


  • ♣B↕g Br♀ H@nd♪wipe§♣ says:

    In theory all men are its their code.

  • CommonCents says:


  • Smoke Monster says:

    ah ha! look what we’ve done

  • fwf43 says:

    Maybe not the Antichrist but surely a person out to destroy this country.

  • mad_mav70 says:

    No, he isn’t smooth enough to be the Anti-Christ. But John did say, “if you are not for Christ you are anti-Christ.” He is in this. He could never say the name Jesus, it would hurt too bad.

  • Turtle says:

    I believe he wants to do evil towards this country and its citizens for a reason I don’t know.

    As for this backward message, you have to be a moron to believe it.

  • Nuke 'em all! says:

    Slayer of all decent hardworking men & women everywhere. Even Senor, Hugo Chavez,the Venezuelan dictator sees for himself what a crook & a phony fraud Obama is.

  • Hellbilly says:

    After watching the video, yes, he is the Antichrist, no doubt in my mind

  • cute-wAs susPeNded LV 4 says:

    im not christian

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