Does the word Catholic have to be capitalized?

Does the word Catholic have to be capitalized?
I’m writing an essay. Do the words “catholic” “the church” “catholicism” or “the catholic church” have to be capitalized at all times?

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Answer by chicale
when u are using it as a proper pronoun, it needs to be capitalized.
catholic – yes, @ all times
the church – if referring to one specific church always, it is the Church, if referring to the church in general then no
catholocism – name of religion so yes
the Catholic church – you dont have to capitalize church here

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5 Responses to “Does the word Catholic have to be capitalized?”

  • Angry Grandma (VP) says:

    Not according to FireFox!

  • Nick says:

    Yes, they must always be capitalized, though not the word “the.”

    In the case of “the Catholic Church,” church is capitalized because the Catholic Church itself is an official entity. When referring to any specific church using the phrase, “the Church,” it must always be capitalized.

    Good luck with your essay. 🙂

  • imacatholic2 says:

    If you mean Catholicism or the Catholic Church then, yes, Catholic should always be capitalized.

    If you mean catholic as in an adjective meaning “universal” then, no, it should not be capitalized.

    With love in Christ.

  • Zay-Baby says:


  • says:

    That depends.

    If it appears as part of a title or as the title itself, then yes. If not, then no.

    For example, when referring to a member of the Roman Catholic Church or that church itself, “Catholic” must be capitalized as it is part of a title.

    However, when using the word only in its typical sense (“universal”), it is proper to use “catholic”.

    SO, I could say, “morality is a catholic concept”, but I would have to say, “the Pope is Catholic” or “Notre Dame is a Catholic university” because in the latter two instances, “Catholic” refers to the title of that church.


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