Does witchcraft in Morocco have any real power?

Does witchcraft in Morocco have any real power?
I’ve heard of it being used for love spells and curses and seen the herbs & other things sold in medinas that are used for witchcraft there.Is it common for people to use it for protection or power, and do people who are “religious” use it in any way? Is it all just superstition and psychology or does it have any real effects on those whom it’s being used on? Please give examples if you have any to share.

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I have used morrocan love spell and it works ,

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  • redlionlantern4 says:

    People believe that some( Fokiar) have the power to influence the behaviour of others. There maybe spells or incantations, some involving herbs, hair and possessions of the person who is the target of the spell.
    I was taken to a Fokiar in Meknes who is said to have the power to restore health. I had to give him my watch and a ring while he said some prayers . I got better..whether it was through him or natural causes, I don’t know. But he did have a wonderful aura.
    Another story I know..A young woman was madly in love with a man her father thought was unsuitable. The father wrote an incantation and placed it under the front door step. the young man made his usual nightly visit to the household but was killed on his bicycle on the way home..Fate or, God’s will or what..?????

  • The Guy says:

    Only an ignorant still believe in that.

  • ME says:

    oh thats the stuff old ladies trick young girls into with promises of revenge and finding a future husband.

    My wifes grandmother does this for a living. She cuts out ayahs from the qur’an and switches words around and mixes it in food. It never works yet these stupid women keep going to her and are still single, still never got revenge, still unemployed, still fat, etc.

  • LandYacht says:

    It is like voodoo.
    There are a lot of similarities.

    They are really big on trances, spells, and other magic stuff.
    People would go into ‘trances’ and then attack people who are wearing black. I warned about this by my guide, but I think it is just a hype for the tourists. I never witnessed that.

    When I was in university there, I learned about this.

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