Egypt : How do you say ” religion ” in arabic ?

Egypt : How do you say ” religion ” in arabic ?
Okay so inspired by many comments , situations , people , etc etc .. i came to argue with myself about whats called ” religious behavior ” .. I don’t understand anymore where does the limit stand , Egypt is full of elevations and extreme thoughts .. and right now im not arguing in what does the Quran says .. because i will honestly get mixed up even more ..

But to take it slowly .. mowdo3 shaking hands! , girls dont shake hands w ma3rfsh eh .. but they give evil looks to other people that obviously implies that their thoughts are not precisely pure and good-willed .. to be honest right now , i think people care too much and sometimes its the ONLY thing that they care about is … what others say about them .. ya3ni those girls dont shake hands 3ashan el nas t2ool 3alehom mo7tarameen .. since they dont control their evil inner self .. wala homa mesh 3arfeen en rabena knows everything ? .. no offence to anyone , i swear .. with all my respect to everyone , im just pointing out a certain type of people here .. who are faking everyone , themselves and most importantly Rabena! .. im not trying to judge people , bas its annoying how much people changed the meaning of ” decency ” and ” religious ” ..

okay one recent situation .. – in uni , we were sitting .. a big group , and this guy was always teasing/joking with one of the girls …homa wa5deen 3ala ba3d gedan ( she slapped him once last year .. kanet bet-hazar ) .. and mara wa7da .. the girl was like ” enta btestahbel yalah! , enta et3adet 7ododak ma3aya 3ala fekra ..and she started screaming .. and we all were like -_- ) .. anyway haza2eto 3ala asas enaha mega decent and she doesnt allow guys to joke with her .. same day la2etha a3da 3ala 7egr wa7ed tani :S

With all this pressure around me , and all those extremist opinions , i feel lost i must say … and i find it very difficult to live in such a society .. maho ya ema neb2a religious society .. ya ema fakes ba2 ! .. laken el estehbal dah .. is honestly not healthy .. and hard to deal with !
Sa3at bala2i nafsi f mawakef .. w byeb2a odami two different , extreme opinions .. ya ema keda .. ya ema keda! .. and i hate it ! .. i must say i cant be 100% religious .. and i cant get over my limits bardo w a3mel 7aga mesh a5la2i or smth .. but sometimes im forced to choose one way ..
im not sure if you guys can get what im saying here , and im not sure about my question either .. and im not waiting for replies like ” pray and god will help you ” .. seriously 3adena el senn beta3 those advices .. and trust me awl 7aga ba3melha everyday is praying .. im talking now from like a deeper point .. a psychological issue kinda ..

its like choosing between jumping men dor el 400 .. or .. getting shot in the head 50 times ..
@ Lovable babie : noooooo , 5ales 😀 , i actually love your answers ..i just pointed that out to elaborate my point en people are fake =/

@ 3ala2 and Curse : you guys didnt get my point here .. ana mesh za3lana 3al nas bte3melo .. yewal3o b gas !! im just saying en the society changed the meaning of whats correct which made this huge gap between extreme thoughts , leading people to either stick with an extreme .. or just get lost in the middle ..

.. and again Cuse , i know they are faking because its not that hard to observe people you know .. w la2 mesh barakez ma3 7ad and i dont care .. but as i mentioned , you are forced to see stuff =/

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Answer by Black Rose
well, as you said sometimes people are forced to do certain thing bas 3lshan thats what the society does, and at other times we are able to control what we do 3lshan our religious beliefs. taba3an its sad but true. Maybe they do the little religous things as much as they can to make up for all the other znoob they know they do because they are forced to.
Something like the shaking hands maslan, its well known that its not accepted islamically as Lovable Babiie said, enama because of society and how people think/react, most people shake hands, as most of the answers showed.
I agree that the extremes in the religious thoughts is the most hipocrytical thing anyone can do 3lshan rabena shayef kol 7aga fe3lan, bas fe3lan like you said they’re just caring too much about how others see them and want to have that picture perfect ‘personality’ to be called decent or religous….
its just the way people think lel asaf

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16 Responses to “Egypt : How do you say ” religion ” in arabic ?”

  • The Egyptian Wolf IV says:

    Applause!! I agree with what you said that we are to a GREAT extent a “fake conservative society”!!! I mean i witness some hijabi girls fooling around with guys and having boyfriends in the sense “en deh bta3et dah” and they get tickled and other sorts of crap,also when you find this one girl sitting with like 6 guys and then refuses to shake hands,okay it was rude from me to stick my hand for a hand shake but still mate3meleleesh feeha el 5adra el shareefa wenty a3da west set dkora ya3nY!!

    Thing is people are “showy” they are trying to show that they are religious by growing beards or shortening their pants or whatever they do but you can still find them gossiping about people,quarreling with others and sometimes fighting,they swear and they curse, like in this video when this girl at gam3et el azhar far3 el za2azee2 said she wanted to take off her shoes and beat the officer with it on his head!!! Is that how a good Muslim girl act? I think not.

    Of course in the GUC i saw A LOT of ugly scenery,guys tickling a girl and i swear it looked like a doggy style (excuse my language) but it was hideous and that was on campus and no security did anything =S Also girls and guys hugging,cheek to cheek kissing,sitting on guys laps,shoulders and arms around each other all on campus and no one does CRAP about it!!

    Of course amidst all the chaos there are very good decent people who know their religion correctly and don’t go to extremes either so tight (faking) or being so loose (lost) But i couldn’t agree more the society is going down the hill!!

    @Black_Rose: Couldn’t agree more especially about the “hypocritical” part!!

  • lovable babiie says:

    ok what do you mean evil looks to others? based on other girls shaking mens hands?
    i know what you mean its like society is so hypocritical but this is a huge generalisation tbh

    “ya3ni those girls dont shake hands 3ashan el nas t2ool 3alehom mo7tarameen ”

    i dunno supreme but i feel this has something to do with my answer?? dunno just a feeling

    @supreme: oh ok misunderstanding then 🙂

  • 3ala2 says:

    Listen, I’ve been brought up in an environment where I had to deal with people from all over the world. Everyone had his own set of rules, morals, ethics and understanding of whatever faith he/she practices.

    I managed el7dl to keep my head high above the tides of all the filth that was going on around me by following a couple of simple rules:
    1) I’m a muslim. I’m supposed to treat people with respect and I always view Allah as my chaperon.

    2) Women are sacred, in a sense that they are not to be wrongfully touched, mistreated, “ahazar ma3aha be 2ellet 2adab aw lams”, dated, kissed, “aktar men keda”….etc

    3) I do whatever I want in life as long as it conforms with my religious beliefs regardless of what people think of it. You wanna make out with a chick, go for it. You wanna have sex in the gym in lunch period, be my guest. Just leave me the hell out of it.

  • Curse of Pharaohs says:

    ” im just pointing out a certain type of people here .. who are faking everyone ” how could you know that?
    ana msh fahmek bardo enti malek b el nas ! ma t5ly el motadyen fe 7alo w el mo7taram fe w el lamo2a5za zbala fe 7alo . kol 7eta fe el dnya feeha el 7elw w el we7esh talama kol wa7ed fe 7alo 5alas jut be you w malkeesh da3wa b ay 7ad . w 3la ra2y el lemby ” el nedeeef sa3atek by3od fe el makan el nedeeef w el wese5 by3od fe el makan el wese5 “

  • popeye says:

    I posted a question once here but nobody seemed to understand it properly
    It said how good can you live ur own world despite what goes on around you?
    Some people can do that easily.. especially westerners.. kol wa7ed 3ayesh el 3alam beta3oh we maloosh da3wa belly 7awaleh.. it’s a bit selfish I know.. bas it helps get over thoughts like you have now.. I personally find it very difficult.. tabee3ty keda… we el 2amr lellah

  • Meero (La bruja malvada) says:

    7elwa elbanat elly beyo3odo 3ala 7egr el welad dol
    i mean, ana batkesef a3od 3ala 7egr babaya :S

    anyway, to answer your question, we are living in a very materialistic world, even religion (how people perceive it) became materialistic.
    i hate the world we’re living in as well, it’s so f*cked up, sometimes i wish i would go live alone in some forest, study nature, and animals, and leave all this crap behind ” i know this is crazy”.
    just believe in God, read his book, & you’ll know what’s right, dont depend on judgmental people & fakers to tell you what’s wrong & what’s right,
    it’s sad, when you realize that nothing is as it seems.

  • Marwan says:

    I wish i know why people are becoming so extreme about everything.. i look at some of the things people used to do decades ago and nowdays they’re considered to be extreme, i think it’s because of the society in here.. ma7adsh b2a damen 7ad and people might have secret evil intentions or w/e.. el nas kolaha ba2t te2ald b3deha no offense eli bt5af men kalam el nas weli bt2ald sa7batha w msh 3arf eh w law ma3amalsh zayohom y2olo 3alek mabt3rafsh denak.. tb ma rebena shayf kol 7aga, madam el bent aw el walad mashyeen sa7 w nawayahom kwayesa 5alas.. bas leh b2a el extreme da?
    zay mathalan mawdfoo3 el shaking hands da.. msh fahmo, to me a hand shake was always a hand shake.. 3omry makan 3andy afkar wala 7aga when i shook hands with a girl 3ady y3ni zay mabasalem 3ala walad, then a few years ago a girl back from school refused to shake hands with me, etfa2a3t el sara7a w b3den ba2alna 10 years fel madrasa m3 b3d fa ana msh stranger y3ni and a few months ago it happened with me again.. men sa3tha b2a batalt amed 2edi le2ay 7ad wala bent wala walad.. msh 3arf b2a kol wa7d w tarbeto msh ha2rf nafsi

  • EP- 5ayeb. says:

    mafeesh “religious society” + 50% mno bysharabo 7asheesh ..w bysalo …

  • G. #2 says:

    Well I’m not sure exactly what your question is, and how to reply to it, but you described the kind of situation where there is only black and white, not gray or anything in between, while actually, there is.

    But as you described in your previous question about eating one bite of pizza and being full, it seems most of your friends are fake and only care about what the others think of them, which is the last thing you should care off. What’s more important is how you feel about yourself, and most importantly, how God would feel about you knowing you act that way.

    Like for instance, there is a person who doesn’t pray, however just because he is in a group of people, and they went to pray, so he prayed with them just so that the people would say: “Oh look how religious he is, etc..” well to Allah, his prayer does not count.
    Innama al a3mal bil niyyat, wa li kol imri2in ma nawa – انما الأعمال بالنيات، ولكل امرئٍ ما نوى.

  • El MaGniFicO says:

    Well, it’s obvious that many ppl in Egypt tend to do things which make them look ostensibly religious but they do so not to look religious but to leave a good impression in some extent …. Not only The shaking Hands matter, but also the religious appearance like I mean “long beard, short pants (for men), and Niqab (for women) …. etc” …. these things aren’t extremism itself but some ppl use it in an extreme way …. You find some people care to look religious but inside they are not so. they use religion to achieve worldly goals. If they find another way to make it to these goals, they won’t give a damn about being religious or anything.
    For example, this girl you mentioned didn’t play respectful to push the guy away from her, but to drag the other guy’s attention or any other aim.
    There is nothing to get confused about …. Also Qura’n won’t make you get mixed up, on the contrary, it will greatly clear things up and show you the right way and lead you to the right path.
    You’ll only be asked about what you did not about what ppl do …. Also don’t care much about ppl
    ” إن تطع اكثر من في الارض يضلوك عن سبيل الله “

  • YO! Twelfth Account says:

    Agreeeeeddddd!!!!!!! At my old masjid, they all knew I didn’t wear the hijab, but I would still of course wear it in the masjid, lower my gaze, dress very conservatively, etc. etc. but the muhajibas there who i think were jealous (losers btw) would go and say bad things about me even though they were known for partying, having boyfriends, and at the masjid they would go and put makeup on lol WHY?. I didn’t even do that.

    But I get what you’re saying. Just idk what to say, im not surounded by arabs so all these things I guess never happen, you expect it from Americans already. If you’re that mad go talk to her about it; if you’re close friends, but if you aren’t than don’t, it’ll cause a lot of problems. Girls are weird.

    As for me, what you see is what you get. I shake hands with even American guys lol, like if theyre like can I get a hug, im like no sorry hand shake only, and I do the same with arabs, if it’s my uncles or close family member I usually hug and kiss them on the cheek. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Married men, with kids, old, so what’s me giving them a hug and kiss gonna do?

  • ۞ROJiஜ says:

    i couldn’t agree more with what’s said here ! bs i wanna add something that “النوايا لا يعلمها الا الله” which means i don’t judge people by what they show or how they act bsara7a,at least not anymore,kol wa7ed 7or we rabena ely by7aseb,yes tab3an el deen b2a “sel3a” el nas betesta5demha ka frame bs lely 3yzeen y3meloh,and the situation u mentioned and many other situations like that happen ta2reeban everyday in front of me..hypocrisy we showing off we 5alas :S..anyways kol ely 3ayz y3mel 7aga by3melha,u can’t stop anyone from doing anything,rabena shayf we hwa ely hay7aseb..just live according to what u believe in and stay away from those fake people as possible as u can,they are like viruses !!

  • dancer says:

    There is a difference between religious behavior, and regular behavior.

    If you are muslim, and you want to know what religious behavior is like, then for example, religious muslim girls dont shake hands. Im sure some will say they are so religious, and shake hands, but hadiths say girls are not supposed to even be alone with 1 man, let alone shake his hand.

    If they do, that doesnt mean shes not muslim, but it you are asking about religious behavior.

    And religiously speaking, It Dosent Matter What Other people think about you, it matters what Allah thinks. The prophets, pbut, prove this point because all of them were ridiculed by non believers.

    After you read Quaran and Hadith, and find friends who do the same, it will be much easier to be religious.

    I can see how it would be hard if people were looking at you in a bad way or whatever,,but your deen is more important.

    You can still be religious, and friendly at the same time. You dont have to give up your life to become religious, you just have to balance it out, and believe that Allah, and the prophet’s sayings are true.

  • 67 says:

    yeslam fommek!!!!!!
    i hate the fake arabegyptian society… kollo nefak………………..nefak …….nefak.
    i will get thumbs down like hell
    but honestly when it comes to behavior and attitude ..i do what i know is correct no matter how people look at me……kanet ommi Allah yer7ama tamali te2ouli””” enti bet3amli rabena”””
    elmohm dameery yekune merta7……i have the courage to face anyone with anything i do….so as not to be monafka or double faced…..

  • Passioن says:

    Ya Supreme, kalamek sa7i7 gedaaaan!!!
    I hate hypocrites like that!! Especially those hijabis who wear hijab with tight pants and tight shirts wel 3ar da!
    I have a friend who took of her hijab bas 3ashan tedala3!! And I blame it on their parents for not taking good care of them and teaching them what’s wrong and what’s right.
    I don’t like those hypocrites who act falsely and show off.
    Ana mabsut eno shayfek keda mo2mena. Rabena ye wafa2ek.

  • Dina - LIT says:

    Can I answer you from a different angle?
    All of us try to put simple rules to follow based on our principles (which are based in turn on our religious teachings & traditions that we were raised on) it’s not always easy to do everything right (like you said it’s not easy to be 100% religious) so you try to do the little things that you know are right & you stick to them…ya3ny kol wa7ed mosh el mafrood yefakar ana ba3mel 7agat we7sha why be fake & pretend like I’m a good person BUT we try to look at it as we do all of these sins we mafeesh da3y en elwa7ed yezawedha bezenoob hayfa that one can easily prevent…I’m not saying that applies to the girl you’re talking about, I think she’s a psycho or may be she realized she went too far so she decided to hold back a little then back to doing things wrong (ya3ny heya troubled men el a5er).
    The problem here is that you generalized the situation 3al nas kolaha, may be you’ve met fake people bas lesa feh nas who do fear Allah we mosh beyrdo to give in to these trivial ma3sia for the sake of not having more sins, 3ashan enty lao masakty kol wa7ed fe 7aiato 7atla2y bey3mel 1000 7aga 3’alat fel youm (some one knows about & some one doesn’t) bas dah mosh ma3nah en el wa7ed mosh bey7awel to avoid elma3sia whenever one can.
    About the people around you, I’ve been thinking about the same thing a while ago & I talked about it with my friends trying to understand hoa meen fena elly ba2a sa7 we meen 3’alat….you don’t have to feel lost, you just have to tagtahdy in finding the right path for yourself & you hold on to it so that whenever you feel like the world around you is going both directions at the same time you could still have something to hold on to & not to be drifted ma3a kol ra2y aw act.

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