Empowered by the Holy Spirit – Paul Washer

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25 Responses to “Empowered by the Holy Spirit – Paul Washer”

  • cp3814 says:

    THE MOST important thing for all true believers in Jesus Christ IS the preaching of the Gospel. We are keeping our eyes upon each other, brother fighting against brother, whilst the world is DYING! We have their blood on our hands if we do not share the gospel with them. They are your family, friends, and people around you. The day of judgment will come, and those who have known us for so long will ask “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” We need to preach the Gospel!

  • cp3814 says:


    I would agree that some “Christian” rock musics are of Satanic origin. However, we must be careful of labeling things. It is just like labeling Baptists as this and that and Pentecostals as this and that. We need to remember that not ALL of something is like the ‘stereotype’ we have in mind about that something. May God enlightening you with the Bible.

    Peace and be blessed!

  • cp3814 says:

    AMEN! God bless Paul Washer and every other true preacher of God!

  • midwestnigga13 says:

    whatever were did you find that in the bible?drums and a guitar are evil now??wow

  • omgamicarnal says:

    Our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom the power the glory forever and ever amen

  • omgamicarnal says:

    @Littlezombie everything we do according to God is rags,does not mean we shouldn’t try, and you know why? because we get a whole eternity to figure out exactly how to be holy and pure like Jesus Christ

  • scscruzer says:


    Rock and Roll is not of Satan. Notes are not of Satan. Maybe lyrics, but not music. That is stupidity at its finest.

  • swippletip says:

    @Littlezombie you have denied the Holy Spirit it seems thats not a forgivable one

  • swippletip says:

    @Littlezombie you deny the power of God in this age you have no idea who God is.

  • swippletip says:

    @Littlezombie have you even read your bible everything shall priase the LORD you are a small big headed person that doesnt understand the King of Glory. psalms 150 you judgmental lil hypocrite

  • edog5005 says:

    We’ve turned a pagan holiday into Christmas. If you celebrate Christmas and use the season to proclaim the glory of Jesus does that mean you are doing something satanic? Rock music isn’t exclusively the domain of Satan, Just listen to a great Christian rock band like Kutless.

  • Littlezombie says:

    if you listen to or play “christian rock” in church…

    and think yourself smart for “turning something of satan into something of God” …

    you are offering up satan’s old smelly bobby socks to the King of Glory, God will not hold you guiltless

  • Littlezombie says:

    if you speak in tongues ….

    and you live in these modern times…

    you are french kissing satan

  • Littlezombie says:

    if the holy spirit showed up…

    the apostate paul washer follower of calvin a man and his traditions of men…

    would drop dead

  • Seektruth1st says:

    @Msahle1095 Well it seems interesting to me all the people I have met who say they speak in tongues have no evidence of improving themselves spiritually or morally, this being the self edification of the tongues. And if it is a personal experience only then it should be done in private only. It also says there needs to be at least 2 interpreters present otherwise there is to be silence. I have seen it first hand enough to know it is nonsense, it is easily copied.

  • Seektruth1st says:

    @christsaves1212 I find it interesting that Jesus never saw it of importance.

  • Msahle1095 says:

    The scriptures put it plainly there is no deeper form of prayer than in tongues because your speaking to God and your spirit is praying.

    1 Cr 14:2-4 and 1 Cr 14:14

  • Msahle1095 says:

    I understand where your coming from, but at that time we didn’t have brothers and sisters to proclaim the gospel in several languages. So, God in all of his zeal for his own glory caused the young church to proclaim the gospel in several languages.

    But the gift of tongues is not for the unbeliever but for the believer. There are a lot of people who fake it but its not about the others its all about Christ.

  • stopplayingchurch says:


  • 5to22a says:

    Amen, brother. Thank you for giving me courage.

  • BattleCry4Him says:

    Good video!

  • MrSkinnyb0y says:

    thank you i really needed this

  • bettyloutumor says:

    you can’t prove your claims…so far all you’ve been is a gullible, uneducated moron. and that is all you will ever be.

    do you also need proof of the nonexistence of the tooth fairy or do you blindly believe in that too? LOL!

    there is no god, you worthless, uneducated little cunt 🙂

  • jellyrcw11 says:

    prove your claims, so far all you’ve been doing is being a jerk. “you worthless, uneducated little pussy” yeah, good way to prove your point.

  • bettyloutumor says:

    you’re just mad that i have been telling the truth and you want so badly to hold onto your sick lies 🙂 LOL you are truly pathetic

    there is no god, you worthless, uneducated little pussy 🙂

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