Episcopal Church question?

Episcopal Church question?
I am thinking about joining the Episcopal Church.

I was baptized and confirmed as a Presbyterian.

I read on an Episcopal website said that I would be “received” into the Church since I was already baptized and confirmed into another Christian denomination.

What exactly does “received” mean?

Thank you.

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allowed LOL

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5 Responses to “Episcopal Church question?”

  • MosesGirl78 says:

    you would be accepted and wouldn’t have to be re-baptized. I hear when you switch denominations a lot of them have you study a book about the Church and the faith, and then stand up in front of the congregation and make an oath to live by the standards of the church. Not sure if thats true, I’ve not changed denominations

  • NZVERITAS says:

    Just to become a member of that congregation.

  • Michelle C says:

    The episcopal is not a biblically based church. Very dangerous. Beware!

  • themouse0408 says:

    It means you’re accepted as a full member of the Episcopal Church

  • fr.peter says:

    Hey Baron!
    It is a big step to join another denomination. Are you now a practicing Presbyterian?

    You say that you were confirmed as a Presbyterian, but does that mean that a Presbyterian Bishop (there ain’t no such thing- if there were, they wouldn’t be called “Presbyterians”) laid hands on your head and prayed that you receive the Holy Spirit?
    That means that you will not be received, and you don’t need to be.

    (Reception is for those who have been confirmed by a non-Anglican/Episcopal bishop and it is a swearing of loyalty to the Episcopal/Anglican branch of the Church in the presence of an Episcopal bishop-usually on a Sunday morning)

    You should speak to one of the priests at the Episcopal parish you are planning to attend. Perhaps also to the minister at the Presbyterian Church if you are currently attending.

    If after a year or two, you wish to make a commitment to the Episcopal Church, speak to one of the priests about being confirmed.

    Meanwhile, you can receive Holy Communion, serve in worship roles, serve on committees, and call yourself “a real Episcopalian”.
    The only thing you cannot do without being Confirmed is be elected Senior Warden or be ordained a Deacon or Priest.

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