Eric Church – A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Eric Church – A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young”

  • Al Acton says:

    Loving his new song

  • enforceOM says:

    Someone care to explain this song in relation to his previous song “give me
    back my hometown”. Thanks. 

  • Scott Anderson says:

    As usual…. second to none. Class, lyrics, truth, just does what he does
    no matter what others think. Not a people pleaser, just a true blue country
    boy with God given talent!

  • bselect618 says:

    he always has homeless people in his videos…

  • Jesse Johnston says:

    I don’t get it… Give Me Back My Hometown was suppose to be start of some
    story but I really don’t see any “clues”. Good song but a very boring

  • bamccaig says:

    It seems to me that if women weren’t around men would just bash their heads
    in with rocks… But don’t get me started on Feminism…

  • Dan Survillas says:


  • woodmaj says:

    COUNTRY – thanks, Eric.

  • Catherine Bryant says:

    Here is another song from Eric Church off “The Outsiders” cd. Very talented

  • Taylor Schweitzer says:

    NOW I understand “Give me back my hometown” A LOT more :P

  • Clifton Graves says:

    Damn it son, in a sea of crap on the radio this song warms the heart.

  • BikerHomeBoy says:

    this song is a bit disappointing. 

  • Charley Rudy says:

    I hate when people say his songs like this are boring. Its just not your
    kinda themed song, but I think stuff like this, lightning, and the hard way
    are his best stuff cause they have more heart than almost anything!!!

  • Bryson Summers says:

    Representing NC

  • Mindy Drummond says:

    Definitely loving the songs and videos from “The Outsiders”. Awesome way to
    introduce the new songs… keep it very interesting. Can’t wait for the
    next video!

  • Michael Mcgregor says:

    The Cheif

  • Brandon Roberts says:

    Hey guys! Check out my cover of this song if ya’ll got an extra minute!

  • Jonathan Engström says:

    This one´s epic…

  • Chris Wicker says:

    What a SOLID country song

  • AperEight says:

    His music has so much emotion…. That’s good music if the listener can
    feel something…. That’s what it’s suppose to do!!! Love anything church

  • Lydia Duque says:

    My stepfather listened to country all my life growing up I always liked it
    but didn’t appreciate it till I lost him two years ago
    All of eric church songs remind me of that man even the ones he never got a
    chance to hear
    This is music at its finest 

  • Brantly Coston says:

    The reason people like EC is because we can relate to his music. Unlike all
    the other country artists who grab a song off the record label. This guy
    does what he wants and how he wants. He connects with people. All these
    other country pop love songs today are trash. It’s the meaning of the
    lyrics, it’s about being a true artist. And in this case, Eric. You are the
    true artist. Thank You! 

  • Amy Lee says:

    Wow once again Eric breaks the mold and gives us another dark song. The
    lyrics are raw and paintba realistic picture. 

  • billy helmick says:

    I will always like Eric Church. He is very talented

  • Justin Chambers says:

    Awesome song!

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