Eric Church – Talladega (with lyrics)

“Talladega” off of Eric’s new album “The Outsiders” All rights go to UMG.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 Responses to “Eric Church – Talladega (with lyrics)”

  • Dega Iseasy says:

    why waste gas driving to talladega? Plate tracks are stupid easy luckfest
    lotterys that take no talent to win EX: David Ragan.

  • jwood1776 says:

    There is no doubt that this song rings true for me in 07 with my 2 best
    friends from college (one from PR and one from Montana). We had the times
    of our life

    Camping there all weekend is something everyone should do once in there
    life and I will be there in less than 2 weeks.

  • Mark Piro says:

    They will be singing this at graduation parties across the country. And, if
    people have any taste 50 years from now, they will still be singing it.

  • Tanner Whitley says:

    this sounds like me and my boys back home in arkansas the summer before i
    joined the Marine corps

  • Nick Baldwin says:

    Thanks a lot! Eric Church is the man, and Brad Paisley is a close second.
    If you don’t like NASCAR, just replace it with your favorite Summer event!
    Country Jam, Country Stampede, whatever you like! It’s a great song, and I
    hope I’m not the only one who enjoys this song, and the whole album. Go
    Eric Church!

  • Kenneth Atchison says:

    Outstanding song.

  • Caleb Newsom says:

    It is I-65 not “a 65”,

  • Jake Finch says:

    And you say it dont take talent to win at Talladega… Your wrong if its
    all about luck how can someone win 10 races there or 2 for that matter you
    never hear of people winning the lottery that many time. Plate racing is a
    mental style of racing. You gotta know how the air works, what to do when
    you have alot of momentum, also gotta know how to watch for other guy’s
    with momentum to take theres away, also gotta know how no to break your
    momentum checking up in line. Theres alot of talent that is involved in
    plate racing

  • JD123483 says:

    Boys raise up…

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