Ethiopia Holy Ghost Outpouring 1993 w/ Reverend Billy Cole

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An conservative estimate of over 40000 and possibly 65 to 70 thousand people were baptised in the Holy Spirit in one service representing one of the largest outpourings of God’s Spirit on record.

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13 Responses to “Ethiopia Holy Ghost Outpouring 1993 w/ Reverend Billy Cole”

  • biragaba says:

    glory to GOD

  • MotoBarrow says:

    forgive you? as though you did something wrong to me? weird. I doubt you dont know how to change an email when you know how to post on youtube…

  • MotoBarrow says:

    I don’t worship anything but jesus. This video is just to publicize what Jesus did for the people of Ethiopia. I’d go along with you if God did not confirm what was preached with a manifestation of power. However, he did. What’s your beef with Cole if God honored what he preached?

  • Baileythemage says:

    Paul did not do it like Billy Cole. I’m sorry but you are wprshiping the man, when clearly he is not doing it correctly.

  • Baileythemage says:

    Please forgive me, in high school a friend made mt e-mail account for me and he named me baileythemage. it’s not a self-proclamation. I just dont know how to change it.

  • jessicarobinson07 says:

    How is that? They presented the message of salvation and then prayed a prayer of faith to build the faith of those seeking the holy ghost. I don’t recall them ordering people who were praying to quit until they were ready.

  • oldpreach says:

    I don’t know, if you are dealing with thousand of people at one time that really do not know what is going on with Jesus, some basic instruction about turning from sin and what happens with getting the Holy Ghost seems pretty simple and reasonable.

  • xmorg says:

    Mr Mage. anyone can be a critic. Go spend a decade or so in the poorer areas in Thailand, (back in Billy Cole’s time, not today as a tourist) then come back and criticize someone who has more experience preaching revivals with teh out pooring of the Holy Ghost than you will ever have even if you preached for 100 years.

  • MotoBarrow says:

    also, why if you are an apostolic believer do you call yourself a mage? Simon the Mage had an interesting testimony in the book of Acts. He too, wanted the holy ghost to be poured out his way and not the way that God was actually doing it. I hope you reconsider your criticisms of perhaps the largest documented outpouring of the Holy Ghost in human record.

  • MotoBarrow says:

    I think your attitude is clouding your perception. Consider that this may have been the first time hearing the message about the infilling, and it would then be important to listen for the preacher to understand what to seek. Peter did this on the Day of Pentecost. You believe this is not the way it should be done, yet GOD is the one who DID it that way. If God was not honoring what was done, then they would not have received ANYTHING. Take it up with God if you don’t like His ways

  • Baileythemage says:

    why did they have to wait??? Is God submissive to Billy Cole’s Time line? Does the Baptism of the Holy Spirit come through buracratice processing?? I think not. This is an example of Crowd manipulation and emotional pushing. I believe in the baptism of the holy ghost. I bleieve in the oneness of God. I do not believe that this is the way it is suppose to be done.

  • bigjohn1019 says:

    Awesome ” I Love you Jesus”

  • Apostolic757 says:

    a true Apostle of God!

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