ethiopia orthodox tewahido betchristian sebket (part 1)

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bemsekru tabot lay hogne anegagerhalhu

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13 Responses to “ethiopia orthodox tewahido betchristian sebket (part 1)”

  • dan1ie says:

    You must be very smart person God bless you! i really learned things that i didnt knew before…and when i was watching these video i had aan Ethiopian(protestant) printed bible in my hand and i was following care fully each words and statemnts in your preaching and i found no diffrent from yours bible that you used to preach on these video. i couldn’t imagen where u read that wrong bible.
    i hop on the next chapters you may going to show that bible to the people you are teaching

  • faw84r says:

    Wondmae Egziabehare bewnet bante hono astemaren. God bless you!!! God bless you!!! you are real Hawareya!!! kale hiwot Yasemaleng Mengstune Yawrselen.Your voice has power and it is like honey

  • Mezzyx26 says:

    Orthodox Christianity has 81 books in its bible that contain information witch can lead us GOD.This teaching is so TRUE, I can see how many people are mislead because of incorrect bible translations. If you don’t know better or have the privilege of knowing the TRUTH from the correct source it is easy to believe false teachings.

  • fasilabebe says:

    Egezabeher Yetemesegene Yehone! Amen

  • christiangirma says:

    There around 5 preachers in Addis named Tesfaye – all of them r realy gifted. This is Tesfaye Mekoya

  • TheOrthodoxable says:


  • ermiethioman says:

    this is the truth !!!!!!!

  • ermiethioman says:

    kessis tesfayi yibalal

  • Kale235 says:

    what is his Name? pleas can any one tell me. i need his CD or VCD

  • Kale235 says:

    Mulu Ewket malet yehe new. full of knowledge!!
    Thank u for posting this.

  • habeshakings says:

    very good education hope all ethiopians will learn the truth!

  • ZeraYaqob says:

    thank you for posting! God bless!

  • ezgahira says:

    Egziabiher kale-hiwet yasmalign ,bless U bros.

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