Fishers of Men Catholic Priesthood

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  • GoolePlus2000 says:

    Lists of CONVICTED Priests in the US.

    1) Father Andries John Wesley -Pleaded guilty 5/03 to charge of sexual
    2) Allgaier Robert- Pleaded guilty to attempted possession of child
    3) Father Andersen Andrew Christian -Convicted 1986 of 26 counts of felony
    molestation of 4 boys.
    4) Father Abruzzese, Joseph A.- Pleaded no contest in 1994 to second-degree
    sexual assault for grabbing and fondling a 16 yr old.
    5) Father Dagwell John H.- Dagwell pleaded guilty in 1988 to molesting one
    student in Newark.
    6) Father Kanchong Peter S.- Arrested in 1983 & charged w/ molesting a 9 yr
    old girl. Also molested her two brothers.
    7) Kelley David J.- At least 38 men have filed suit alleging forced oral
    sex, rape, and other abuse.
    8) Kelley Edward T.- Police spotted Kelley in car with 17 yr old boy during
    apparent sex act
    9) Father Keane, Patrick – Keane admitted abuse in sworn deposition in 1999.
    10) Father Keane, John F. -Pleaded guilty 2/08 to indecent assault.

    John 13:35 (Catholic Edition)
    “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for
    one another.”

    RAPE is not Love!

  • Johan Paul says:

    Fishers of Men

  • Dino Tristan Cabrera says:

    what’s the title of the chant in the intro?

  • Justin Antony says:

    Fishers of Men Catholic Priesthood

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