Flip Wilson as “Rev. Leroy” feat. Redd Foxx

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This is a skit from the Flip Wilson Show where he plays Reverend Leroy. Redd Foxx was the guest in this episode and makes an appearance. (Dedicated to the “Boomers” LOL)

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21 Responses to “Flip Wilson as “Rev. Leroy” feat. Redd Foxx”

  • kirkmax99 says:

    4:09 LOL..”The deacons will pass among you with the collection plate…Lock the doors don’t nobody leave.” Now that was some funny shit.

  • Evrastus says:

    Briginiaea,God bless you for sharing this.You have really taken me back,in viewing these true artists at work.This really makes my day.

  • Evrastus says:

    Also,”teehonky”,You are truly a legend,in your own (mind?)

  • briginiaea says:

    Regardless of your opinion of its humor rating, the term “coon comedy” had absolutely no bearing on its being funny. In truth, your sour and uncalled for remarks reflect who you are as a person. I hope I don’t live in your neighborhood for fear that my children be referred to as “coons” as well.

  • teehonky says:

    its not funny dude ….its stereotypical humor that even makes me cringe and I am white….the naacp doesnt even get this nonsense

  • briginiaea says:

    I’m gonna leave this comment up here so everyone can leave this guy an equally nice comment either on his page or through private message. Thank you sir for your patronage, soul of equality, and humility.

  • teehonky says:

    what year is this 1953? coon comedy

  • dj1897 says:

    this is brillant.

  • eosrk says:

    you can apply this to Copenhagen

  • hairypolack says:

    Notice these two stars fighting the urge to upstage each other….

  • KaptKan1 says:

    Pick UP those fallen women, Reverend LeRoy! AMEN!!!
    Sin has no chance against the Reverend LeRoy, brothers and sisters!

    Man, how I miss his sermons!

  • RazaqIshola says:

    Pussyfoot?! Did I just hear that right?

  • TheJerseybull says:

    the first 3 minutes are a scream.both were comic legends,this was tv and still funny!!

  • ScottInVa1760 says:

    What a great talent Flip Wilson was. We always tuned into his show every week. RIP Mr. Wilson.

  • Blackjesus3 says:


  • AllieJ2006 says:

    “There is sin in las vegas and im gonna but a stop 2 it and if i cant put a stop with it imma slow it donw…….2 funny. Them spats he got on are a mess…LOL

  • nameofthepen says:

    Even funnier than when I was a kid.

  • JazzMaestra says:

    Reverend Leroy was my favorite Flip Wilson character. This is exquisite!!

  • steinway21 says:

    Flip was the best – RIP Flip !!!

  • SoSupaStarry says:

    love Redd and Flip!

  • largebob280 says:

    (1:30) “… friends, there are many fallen women in Las Vegas, and I’m gonna’ pick ’em up.” – Reverend Leroy

    I learned recently that the Flip Wilson show supplanted “Laugh-In” as the highest rated comedy-variety show on television in 1970.

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