Fox News Crops Out Comedy From Catholicism Satire?

170+ Fox News Bias videos at 25+ examples of Fox News Biased Video Editing at Former Simpsons writer Larry Doyle’s …

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25 Responses to “Fox News Crops Out Comedy From Catholicism Satire?”

  • Yome Messena Jean says:

    For fox sake…

  • jussts says:


  • GenericGenerator says:

    The real satire is someone this stupid is this close to power….

  • athiestontheloose says:

    Faux news babes are HOT. I can’t deny that, but then again, I haven’t
    fapped yet.

  • thewag777 says:

    Very good video, but the question at the end was rather leading. Normally
    your questions are more open-ended.

  • paulspydar says:

    Satirical? nope, the article was clearly gospel .

  • Fuzzthefurr says:

    I love it when you say “Supposedly straight”. I know it’s childish, but it
    sounds like you’re saying they may be a little gay.

  • OrderedChaos010 says:

    @ohmgrown1991 Either you haven’t even read the article or you don’t
    understand what satire is.

  • RomanHistoryNut says:

    Dammit FOX you make it impossible to justify watching you.

  • Rogov8 says:

    Shannon Bream is a little cutie… Why does she have to sell herself out to
    the vile plutocratic filth Murdoch wants send to US homes.

  • Brandon Dowdy says:

    i didn’t know that you were in contact with ALL of his viewers. Also, why
    not just exit the video when you see the questions popping up?

  • zebbedi says:

    It’s hard to know where to start. Put it this way, the people who were in
    the Bush camp and their financial backers absolutely HATE Obama. The whole
    Republican party hates Obama. The Senate GOP has filibustered everything,
    McConnell is hellbent on removing Obama. This is one of the reasons that
    Obama hasn’t been able to push through legislation that would give him a
    more positive perception. The ‘Buffett Rule’ saga being a prime example.

  • ohmgrown1991 says:

    silly as rick santorum does, only a lot less educated…

  • OrderedChaos010 says:

    @ohmgrown1991 You are just so god damn stupid that I’m not even going to
    bother anymore. You say I’m biased and can’t even see your own bias. You
    call anyone who believes in civil rights a homo and say its ok since we are
    “pro-gay marraige”. Your just not worth my time anymore

  • FreindlyRanger says:

    @marshmello3455 Yeah, fair enough, I still think the article was good
    though, the whole thing is ridiculous and any politician who can’t
    understand the separation of church and state should be forcibly converted
    to Islam. I’m Irish, I know what happens when the catholic church has
    control of the law makers.

  • ohmgrown1991 says:

    @OrderedChaos010 Go google hypocrite. Then google ignorant. Then read up on
    history and culture, then re-read my post. Then let’s debate politics and

  • Gregory Wonderwheel says:

    Good work.

  • asquii says:

    @nymaria2013 I think you mean “sheeple”. But let’s take off our tinfoil
    hats for a second. Though FOX National definitely has a decided political
    agenda, it’s primary goal isn’t propaganda. First and foremost it’s aims
    are to make money. The FOX news business model wouldn’t work or exist if
    people didn’t want to agree with the tripe FOX puts out.

  • TheHolyMongolEmpire says:

    I like your videos man but why do you end each one with a stupid question
    for the viewers. Your questions are so simplistic and it offends your
    viewers intelligence by asking them such obvious questions. It’s really
    annoying. Just report the story and leave it at that without asking overly
    simplistic questions at the end of each video.

  • Psilocybong420 says:

    lol you talk bad about fox but they are no different then any of the other
    media outlets . They all lie to you,fox,mnbc,cnn… all of them. The two
    party system is just a way to convince you people that you have a choice.
    Obama = Romney Romney = Obama

  • mattschol says:

    @getblunted4life American Cancer Society Relay for Life Facebook post
    titled “An open letter to our Relay For Life Friends.” How the heck did we
    get onto heaven and good works? I don’t do good things to get into heaven I
    do them because they are the right thing to do. Actually the golden rule
    and the sermon on the Mt were pretty groundbreaking ideas. If it was common
    sense to help others then why do so many people just look out for
    themselves? Charity is often organized around ideas.

  • HavokTheorem says:

    Didn’t the Spanish slaughter the Incans and Mayans? Im no American
    historian but I strongly remember Spanish settlers killing natives.

  • Connatiah1 says:

    Do you think that the pope should wear a condom, when molesting children to
    protect the child from this Santorum disease.

  • Psilocybong420 says:

    Calling someone simpleminded for their own personal beliefs is insulting in
    my book. I’m open to new idea’s so lay it on me .How is everything run?
    What books should I be reading? I’m not being condescending either ,I mean
    it. I was a conservative libertarian up until I was introduced to alex
    jones and the guy make’s sense to me. If you have something else,like I
    said lay it on me man. I’m more then willing to look into it and make my
    mind up for my self.

  • Josh Overton says:

    But communion is stupid and there is a distinct link between Catholicism
    and pedophilia.

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