FUNNY Ghanaian Pastor Preaching on Kumasi – Accra VIP Bus. Watch Evangelist Oduro

I recorded this video on a VIP Bus I took from Kumasi to Accra. It was one of the highlights of my trip home. This is the funniest preaching I’ve ever heard. The man joked more than he preached on the bus. I couldn’t help but video him at some point.

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18 Responses to “FUNNY Ghanaian Pastor Preaching on Kumasi – Accra VIP Bus. Watch Evangelist Oduro”

  • yawrichard says:

    funi but so true i will go home soon

  • diamonds1244 says:


  • rematak89 says:


  • harmonysky18 says:

    lol this is sooo funny

  • shemboi1 says:

    Evangelist Oduro… Funny but great sense too… Praise God..! Guys!… And women stop pressing Jesus with… I love this Preacher….! Jane-Tiffany.

  • shemboi1 says:

    Girls shld stop pressing Jesus with thier Boobs…hahahah…. Funny But great sense there too… I love this preacher….! Jane-Tiffany

  • ollybeby says:

    wat he talkin bout ?

  • shemboi1 says:

    Lol man that’s really funny i really miss Ghana when I watch clips like this really wud love to visit b4 the end of the year. Plz keep on posting clips like this on ur page lol I love it and I get what he’s tryinging to say

  • Okyeman says:

    I also met this preacherman in April on a Ksi Accra VIP bus trip. He made me remember the Ghanaian sense of humor which I had almost forgoten. Such a natural therapy!

  • boslinga says:

    i met dis man too (on vip bus from ku-acc). .u .cld’nt ‘ve said it beta..guy was funny as hell…was a hilight of my trip home too…wish i recorded it..gud 1 dere

  • gorazo6600 says:

    crazilli funnillli, funni

  • maameQ says:

    oh really……….still cant find it from your videos on facebook though…….only the shared ones….

    tis great u brought it here though…

    i’ve got some old tapes of things we do for love…….i put them on facebook though……maybe i may upload them here sometime

    once again, great video

    But God should not come on a weekend though……..i’m cool with the Vals day, but not the weekend……LMAO

  • amofia26 says:


  • slypok1 says:

    No Maame Q, i didn’t take it from facebook. I am the one who put the original copy on facebook n pple started sharing. this is the original version.

  • maameQ says:

    ……and oh……no “squeezing” of Jesus

  • maameQ says:

    on point…..thanks for sharing..

    did u take if from facebook??

  • slypok1 says:


  • Akin Ajao says:

    Well, He may be a funny preacher: that is not the issue. The issue is whether he is applying the word of God to specific situations in society or not. At least he was able to connect with the audience.The Word is like an hammer,though funny It was hitting the nail on the head! I admired his confidence.-How many of us can leave the comfort of our pulpit to declear the counsel of God on a bus? We need more of him out there where the people are. Apostle Paul says in Philipians 1:18 “What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice”.

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