Future Church – Propaganda

Future Church - Propaganda

Propaganda answers the question, “What is the future of the church in America today?” He says, “…I think it can be bright. I think that there seems to be a…
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16 Responses to “Future Church – Propaganda”

  • Владимир Павлов says:

    on my channel you will finde the inspiration videos fron rev. Bonnke

  • Patrick Bezanson says:

    I have a shirt just like that in red – someone the other day said “I recognized you by your shirt from the other day!” since I am always wearing it I guess.

  • Ken Gonzales says:

    Propaganda part of the label humble beast. A very creative blessed instrument of mercy.

  • Adrian Robinson says:

    who is this guy

  • psal23v says:

    maybe that’s all he has..why not buy him a few..smh

  • Sarah Sophia says:

    1:05—- wow hit me

  • Derek Lestrange says:

    my friend

  • Garus Si Li says:

    Why even worry about the shirt lol!

  • billbb says:

    gym class we dont listen to anyone who didnt like recess or gym class you dont like that for one your lazy

  • glitchnlife says:

    its probably his fav who realy cares its about the messages

  • isaac maqruez says:

    Just remember the church is in US people not a building, but in YOU …YOU REP GOD 247/365 …Jesus never said to build a building and worship me there but go out and make disciples …the Great Commission let’s get grind that out

  • ceojr1963 says:

    The Church is Jesus’ Body. While we go about life, we step to street corners and foundations and say that is the Church, but the Church is everywhere as Christ is over it all, in the minds and hearts of mankind, not always seen not always known to you and me. Lots of things are in flux just look at the Early Church spread by men and Women who did not have Planes to fly to far off places, or Cellphones to talk to nations across the seas. We live in a fluid world that has no boundries.

  • Christopher Battles says:

    Thank you.

  • dmitri prudhomme says:

    Who cares what he is wearing this is not a fashion video.

  • wrjscott says:

    What a perceptive, articulate and realistic young bloke! We need more like him!

  • Vinni Lopes says:

    my man right there!! =D

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