Gibson Les Paul 1959 Pearly Gates Reissue Germino Lead 55 LV

Got my Gibbons Pearly Gates Signature plugged straight in to my Germino Lead 55 LV, 4-12’s with greenbacks. Just some riffs and noodling around. Presence-5 B…
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23 Responses to “Gibson Les Paul 1959 Pearly Gates Reissue Germino Lead 55 LV”

  • dacrowster says:

    It was a Fender Tweed Super Amp

  • badsanta518 says:

    I believe the first album was a tweed fender (probably a tremolux)

  • martin vaccaro says:

    bedroom thang

  • LowNovaSS says:

    Regular 25W Greenback reissues

  • dirtyTony666 says:

    great tone&playing! thanks for sharing

  • marcelo aguilar says:

    awsome video !

  • dirtyTony666 says:

    JTM is thicker&smoother, youll love it for Rev stuff !! Greg is doing great
    amps I wish I could get one. BTW to me Tone control is key for the Rev
    sound, I inquired the studio were he rec 1st Album and they told me it was
    only a cranked Marshall (unfortunately they didnt share model&settings) and
    then heavily pumped up the Lows. I dont know your exp but mine is to use
    Tone control to get that fuzzy edge (along with greenbacks cry). Keep up
    the playing its great

  • ElectricGypsyBlues says:

    really good video !!! thanks

  • LowNovaSS says:

    Haha! Nothin like Hotrods and Guitars, I did finish that truck though! Greg
    is about 20 minutes from me, real nice fella. As a matter of a fact I’m
    trading that 57 Junior laying on the floor for a Classic 45 combo and a
    Monterey Head!

  • Belfast says:

    Sounds good man!!!

  • dirtyTony666 says:

    you have a great tone.. I was expecting you had it rolled off, maybe in the
    future you could try (even at 2), it gives a more fuzzy edge and tone is
    thicker. I was using SL now Im on JTM45 on a constant quest for 1st Album

  • dirtyTony666 says:

    … can you share what speakers are in the cab of this vid??

  • Rich915 says:

    Both sound great. If I had to choose…? LP all the way! Nice playing too.

  • jojogun1957 says:

    Now I know why my pickup truck isn’t finished.Just kiddin sounds
    great!Judging by the background I think the Reverend would approve.Love
    those Germino amps too,I’d like to have a Fillmore or Monterey Classic.

  • dirtyTony666 says:

    what was the Tone setting on your guitar??

  • Richard Luis says:

    Les Paul special just kicks alot more ass!

  • jclark42796 says:

    Nice playing, great tone!

  • LowNovaSS says:

    All the way on 10

  • roknfnrol says:


  • LowNovaSS says:

    Its a 2009 Gibbons Pearly Gates Signature R9

  • ElectricGypsyBlues says:

    what yr is your LP?? looks beautiful man

  • LowNovaSS says:

    Thanks for the compliment! I’m not even sure what amp Billy used on the
    first album, all I know it was exclusively Pearly. That album is the best.
    I have a Germino JTM45 Combo being built as we speak, can’t wait to get it!

  • Mine Yoshiyuki says:

    私の産まれた歳の Les Paul!
    Marshall より 意外とFender のデラリバとかの音がいいんだがヽ(^o^)丿

    それにしても、Les Paul → Marshall 直結の音はおじさんにはたまらないw

    Gibson Les Paul 1959 Pearly Gates Reissue Germino Lead 55 LV

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