Go and Sin No More

Jesus teaches about compassion when confronted with a woman accused of adultery. Download this video here: http://www.mormonchannel.org/bible-videos?v=181512…
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25 Responses to “Go and Sin No More”

  • Wojciech Glapa says:

    +monolithicfist Was Jesus talking to himself or to the group of people?

  • Kelly Miller says:

    He lowered Himself and touched the sinner.
    As her accusers judged and left.
    For He knew that goodness was within her
    And for her soul she mourned and wept

  • Lucia Santosa says:

    we will !!!

  • mascua50 says:

    Love the sinner,hate the sin!! :’)

  • Ricardo Lucachinski Ferreira says:


  • Jacob Fortin says:

    Last one, promise (for now)

  • Talalima Mobley says:

    Go and Sin No More!!!

  • Gary Hasson says:

    We all could use a little more compassion.

  • Jason Allred says:

    New #Bible Video

  • Bright Angelo says:

    i love this story !!!!!!!

  • Greg Williams says:

    I love these new bible videos – and how they promote reflection and deeper
    thinking about the stories from the life of Christ. 

  • procnoy says:

    It’s hard enough to live with guilt within yourself without being condemned
    by others. Jesus saw to it that we live our lives learning to forgive
    ourselves by following His foot steps. Praise be to God!

  • Pearl Baby Pearl says:

    Thank You God!

  • wilfred Densingh A says:

    Jesus forgives

  • CJ2020888 says:

    Thank you for these videos. They have changed my life. It is as though I am
    watching the Savior. As I watch this video, I can begin to believe that He
    does love me, in spite of my pride, my stupidity, and my sins. And I can
    hope. And repent. And return unto Him. And that He will not cast me out.
    Even though I am so very imperfect.

  • RedCaio says:

    thank you for this great video. The Savior can make more out of us than we
    can out of ourselves.

  • David Gillis says:

    Adultery is one of the gravest sins that we can commit. It is inspirational
    to see how the Savior loves this woman. He does not excuse her but He
    commands her to “go and sin no more” with all the love that He possesses.
    That is amazing. How would I react to a woman caught in adultery? That is
    the question I ask myself after seeing this video. Would I reject her? Or
    would I seek to bring her back into the fold with love?

  • Irudium says:

    He wants to forgive =). Our actions and/or the intentions to change of our
    heart may impede us from receiving his forgiveness and blessing.

  • NancyToday says:

    This is an awesome video. This is He who is indeed our Saviour!

  • petersenjc says:


  • Fernando Arancibia Sandoval says:

    The great declaration that comes after forgiveness is … Go and sin no

  • Buthinah11 says:

    That is amazing ,. the costumes is kind of similer to Muslims costumes and
    the saying” an eay for an eay and a tooth for a tooth ” it the same saying
    in the Quran ” also we all have the same God ” that is so beautiful

  • Karl Johnson says:

    I was waiting for this one. I love how the Savior knows each of us and can
    forgive us because He paid our price for sin. I like to think he thought of
    all of us while in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross.

  • Luke Kennard says:

    I agree with catep2you! I read this story yesterday and was really confused
    why they did not bring the man too. I bet it has to do with the culture.
    Anyways, once again you’ve made anamazing movie, good job lds church!

  • unadosxx says:


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