God of the Paradox

What if we solved all our problems this way? Late paying the rent? Just tell your landlord that you paid him with supermoney, which is better than money, but…
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25 Responses to “God of the Paradox”

  • Martyn Jones says:

    Sheer brilliance! This should be mandatory in all schools – young minds,
    not already brainwashed, will grasp the complete logic within this video
    and hopefully pass that logic on to their children.

  • subnetme says:

    Great video mate!

  • Shawn Selmont says:


  • Carol Kayamba says:

    I strangely want an apple pie after this. Thanks Carl ~_~!

  • George Beresford says:

    So did he become the god of everything or not? The video finished too

  • MamaMidnight98 says:

    Interesting to watch.

  • Shockwave474 says:

    Sad thing is, I sometimes find myself thinking along similar lines.
    Perhaps I ought to be the god of pastries. If I could make pastries. No,
    Jahweh stays god of pastries, and I can be god of omelettes and
    microwaveable mac and cheese.

  • Joel Aguilar says:

    Could not stand the moving camera. You had me at being sarcastic, then the
    rant on point of view came. 

  • Bartoc1988 says:

    The last sentence was the best :P

  • Collegiate Match Fishing says:


  • Maxx Kroes says:

    Wasn’t Yahwey originally the god of war….

  • Patricia Lee says:

    Lmao. Thankyou for the great work you guys do. 8)

  • ImaBeast7 says:

    well…this is a very poor and innacurate statement of paradox. ive seen
    better arguments from teen atheists.

  • ThatUnfunGuy says:

    8:50 it’s a TV-show

  • Chad Gainor says:

    Genius.. Funny how characters within the environment designed and developed
    by this supernatural being attempt to apply rules to their existence within

  • cord newman says:

    Can’t finish.
    Much camera motion.
    Such headache

  • Mauricio Giraldo Gutierrez says:

    +Carlos Vega 

  • Tasukihori says:

    God of pastries! XD

  • Shad Holverson says:

    I want to be the god of parties, heaven would be a relm of neverending
    parties. All the alcohol you can drink, all the weed you can smoke, and all
    the sexual depravity you can handle. we’d all be partying our asses off.

  • FSK1138 says:

    supernatural LOL 

  • Jmagnum8989 says:

    I wonder how many paradox forms love has?

  • jim simpson says:

    Its witchcraft.

  • TheOther says:

    Like the pic of Carl Sagan on the noticeboard

  • Ching Chong says:

    The thing is we cant say we proved god does not exist just because it
    doesn’t cohere with current theories. We are very far from completely
    understanding every factor of the universe, and we have much to many
    theories that we feel is fact just because we see no other way it could
    work. If god says he is space less and timeless while being omniscient it
    would be ignorant to say he is wrong just because we cant conceive it. 

  • RazielFallenAngel says:

    I like your videos and I know that you try to make it look like Jesus is
    actually recording so that’s why the camera is shaking, but seriously pal,
    after a while it’s pretty irritating.

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