Godsmack – Saints and Sinners

Godsmack - Saints and Sinners

Yeah! Grown from a seed of hope I’ve never known Been raised by the surroundings of a home so cold, so cold If I only knew what I know I’ll shake my fist up …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Godsmack – Saints and Sinners”

  • Ivy Black says:

    Enjoy Your Day!!! 

  • Kyle Fitch says:


  • Mhyk Loo Tee says:

    I’m one part saint and two part sinner, And the last part is still on the

  • Anthony Vlahakis says:

    bullet for my valentine stole the title of the song

  • Imma Rockah says:
  • John Bradley says:

    Am I a saint or a sinner?

  • TheLordshiranui says:

    Why should he, everyone in the world kills each other without even knowing
    if god is real, instead of giving medicine and food to people who need it
    they start praying, and if god was real why do people die from cancer and
    heart attacks,why doesn’t he help? Just leave Gman alone and let the guy

  • wyatt vance says:

    hallleluhah to you brother your a bloody genious

  • Jorumvar says:

    amazing song

  • ttst3 says:

    That is your opinion. I know only a few of Godsmack songs, but this song
    for example has only 4 different verses, while one of them is repeated 5
    times. That doesn’t deserve to even be compared with those you mentioned.

  • jonathan falance says:

    all the people that listen to godsmack are badasses!

  • Cameron Duncan says:

    cant wait to see godsmack in concert!

  • Joseph Horonzy says:

    wow, im the 11,111 viewer

  • Thumpwrench506 says:

    Best song Godsmack has ever produced……(Re-Align is a close second)

  • GREG n. says:

    i agree mate

  • Destiny5phantom says:

    the bass on this song makes glad i am a bassists

  • bugly790 says:

    i fuckin love this song…i listen to it on my night shift all the time

  • audrey tatman says:

    this is so awesome that im gonna sing it at my school talent show.

  • Virtuousmetal777 says:

    Why is this not available to listen to on the iPhone YouTube app?!

  • 666bonscott says:

    awesome bass at the begginging

  • phantom4x4 says:

    Calm down bro

  • terdindabowl says:

    bomb ass song so true 4 all of us

  • thenotseenkill says:

    i need to find the person who dislikes this song and ask them what there
    problem is and kick there ass

  • TheHIDAN4life says:

    yes new godsmack isnt as good as old godsmack though the dropoff isn’t big.
    now if we’re talking post reload metallica then godsmack can be considered
    better, but if we’re including the black album and before then metallica is
    more talented lyrically and musically than godsmack but to be fair once
    cliff burton died metallica lost it’s distinct sound and the only thing
    that slowed their decline was lars, james, and kurk. they’ll never be great
    again due to never having a consistent bassist again

  • Pandelephant1427 says:

    Godsmack is famous to the rock/metal world.. Godsmack just isn’t mainstream
    famous. Mainstream sucks

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