Has Scientology matured, and is now just like every other religion?

Has Scientology matured, and is now just like every other religion?

Has Scientology matured, and is now just like every other religion?
Calif. couple sues over donations to Scientology

“The church, under the leadership of David Miscavige, has strayed from its founding principles,” the lawsuit claims, “and morphed into a secular enterprise whose primary purpose is taking people’s money.”

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Answer by Gin
So it would seem at last!

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9 Responses to “Has Scientology matured, and is now just like every other religion?”

  • Essie says:

    It’s not even a real religion. It’s just a scam that should be killed

  • Gone Dead Train says:

    That case will be dismissed … according to old L. Ron himself, it was only ever about taking people’s money.

  • Anil says:

    Nah. It takes an exceptional level of stupid to join Scientology.

  • Stimpy says:

    You’re saying Christianity has matured? They still use the primitive, violent, immoral bible.

  • PearsonFace says:

    hmmm matured I dont know about that. But unlike the common religions Scientology is the fastest growing “church” in the world.

    I guess when people grow they mature sooo I still dont know

  • Theta Works says:

    Scientology is attacked because it is exposing the anti-religion source


  • Voltaire's Child says:

    I think you answered your own question, with the URL.

  • Very Big Sword says:

    ALL religions are cults in the technical sense. Of course in modern language the word “cult” is used in a derogatory fashion, but it is totally warranted in the case of scientology. It is a business which has all the procedures in place to abuse its members – The Hole, The RPF, SEC checking, stats to assess performance and “ethics” conditions to punish those who fail. The whole picture I have seen so far from videos, ex members testaments, documentarys and so forth is one that creates disgust of this so called religion. So in answer to your question, it has not matured at all, it is a child throwing a temper tantrum when it cannot get its own way.

    All religions are about the institution itself by the way, its wealth, powerm, influence and control. Its the people who do the good stuff, not the institution.

    EDIT: Theta Works – Interesting and abhorrent video you posted there. Can’t say I have seen the actual footage of such things before and it certainly shows how awful those people were. But you seem to think that the backlash against religion is caused by psychiatry? LOL, thats your scientology propaganda talking there I am afraid. Not everything is about psychiatry you know, no need to obsess about them. Did you stop to consider that religion IS actually a force for bad? It divides the world and confuses the truth with its lies about things it cant possibly know the answer to. It causes war. Look at the history of the world and the part the catholic church played for your example. Atheism is expanding, people are becoming more educated. People think for themselves and are more critical. We do not need religion to control us. A moral compass can be given throughout a childs school years. There are alternatives based on truth rather than silly myths and mumbo jumbo from the past. Its not a conspiracy, its common sense.

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