History of the Catholic Jesuit Order

History of the Catholic Jesuit Order

Plus an interview with Tony Gambino.

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25 Responses to “History of the Catholic Jesuit Order”

  • Gr8Believer says:

    The RCC is an evil satanic organization. The Jesuits’ were created to
    infiltrate the new religions that sprung up from the reformation to teach
    them the same old RCC doctrine to hide the truth of the Bible.

  • takeover08 says:

    Catholicism/Islam/Judaism/Pagan Christianity = Satans religions.


    The Gambino portion sounds like post Regan Russia…Vatican and all.

  • Legacy of Free domain says:

    The Jesuits saved my life,great people of the highest order.
    Let there be light.

  • Patty Roe says:

    in reply to Larka Sojourn, no we don’t “all” come into this world alone! I
    came into this world with an identical twin sister! 

  • liberator777ACTS says:

    A lot of good info,unfortunally the SDA and Ellen G, White are not truth
    but falsehood, but again the informations on the Jesuits are good.Stay

  • Truth says:

    99% truth + 1% anthrax is still lethal
    Ellen white is a false prophet. period. Deuteronomy 18
    this guy is a 7th day follower of hers….the tree is corrupt AND the
    jesuits are satan’s special forces.

    read the Word of God- religion is a sham of man.

  • notreconstructed says:

    A sda wolf exposing a catholic wolf 

  • Gift Economy says:

    Jesuits murdered millions of innocent people during Inquisition!
    Jesuits started WWI for to destroy Serbian orthodox people!
    Lenin was financed by Vatican for to destroy Russian orthodox church!
    Jesuits inspired and helped Hitler for innitiation of WWII for to destroy
    Judiasm !
    Croatian Nazis murdered savagely orthodox Serbs by Vatican’s benediction!


  • Patty Roe says:

    Here’s something to ponder. What do high ranking Jesuits, Nazis and
    Muslims all have in common? All three high ranking members of those three,
    are all deeply rooted in Freemasonry! 

  • Chris Moody says:

    “The Santa Claus effect” if you don’t be good Santa won’t come!

    If you don’t be good you don’t get to heaven- control, and power. 

  • snowbum121 says:

    And trust me, I used to be Mormon. So when God saved me from that religion
    and opened my eyes to the truth, opened my eyes to the true and living
    Jesus, I was very sceptical of the SDA church. But this church teaches from
    the Bible, and the Bible alone. It is a Bible believing Church.

  • gypsy camel says:

    the waldenses worshiping in “groves and caves” makes them suspect of
    gnostic/luciferian corruption…but they were still far more virtuous than
    the catholics!
    it just goes to show, “christian” is defined by the bible, not by men.

  • snowbum121 says:

    I am a Seventh-Day Adventist. This church is not false. Our Doctrines do
    differ a little bit from the rest of the Christian world, such as the topic
    of hell, the state of the dead, and the keeping of the seventh day Sabbath.
    All our beliefs however come from the Bible, and the Bible only, by letting
    the Bible interpret itself. Ellen G. White has many many books which ALL
    point towards the importance to the Holy Bible, and that the Bible alone
    stands as the true word of God. Our church is Christ centered, and all our
    teachings point back to the Cross. Jesus is the whole truth, and by his
    blood we are healed! Unfortunately, yes we do tend to focus on our
    different doctrines and try to share them with others, which is our fault,
    we are simply human and all sin. But Jesus Christ is our whole message.

  • gypsy camel says:

    there are 2 zions: city brought by messiah w/out hands rev21
    vs mystery babel-on, city built by men gen10-11rev17-18.
    the 7 headed dragon is the 7 global empires since the flood.
    1) BABEL/shinar gen10:10=the beginning of man’s city=assyria AND egypt
    the great pyramid is the tower of babel btw. they 1rst DWELT, not built in
    “brick”=hebrew “laban”=”white” limeSTONE burnt=seraph=illuminated gen11:3
    2) asshur/assyria isa23:13 gen10:11 asshur was a shemite who left his his
    1rst estate jude1:6 (john the baptist was an example of an angel/messenger
    blood israel is continually falling away=winnowed and threshed
    3) babylon/chaldea jer25:11
    4) persia dan10:20
    5) greece dan11:3
    rev17:10 “5 were, 1 is”=
    6) rome
    7) US=”1 to come”. the us is the global power these last days, not rome or
    the 8th head rev17:11=beast w/ 2 horns of rev 13=us/”israel” alliance last
    3/5 yrs
    “which looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon”. out of 1 many, out of
    many 1
    illuminati vs jesuits? it’s all just infighting in satan’s divided house.

    zec5:11 “follow the $ from babel/shinar”
    rev17:12 the 10 horns/toes are the 10 “lost” tribes isa7 1kg11:32
    =ephraim=prosperity BLESSING GEN27:36…gen48, 49:1+24 “the bow”
    “no power yet” rev17:12 unlike most of the popular candidates
    beast seeks judah=scepter gen49:10 BIRTHRIGHT also zec9:13+rev6:2.

    jerusalem ps114:2 is the sanctuary/holy place of mt24:15 and daniel
    yeshua/the church is the temple jn2:19+2cor6:16=2thes2:4

  • SimplyLimbo says:

    No there wasnt an israel at the time, officialy, but unofficially there

  • Jon Doe says:

    RIP Jim Arrabito 

  • truthfulreply says:

    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Jesuit, member of Society of Jesus (S.J.),The society grew rapidly,and it
    quickly assumed a prominent role in the Counter-Reformation defense and
    revival of Catholicism. Almost from the beginning, education and
    scholarship became the principal work.The early Jesuits, however, also
    produced preachers and catechists who devoted themselves to the care of the
    young the sick,prisoners,prostitutes,and soldiers..

  • Zaphod Trillian says:

    68 million protestants killed in Europe? half of them were sucking the
    other half off so they could join Calvin and Luther ..who only had a small

  • SuperNewf1 says:

    Church and State = Satan’s whores

  • Mrgruffy44 says:

    At 43:40 is the bit about Pike commenting on the rivalry between Lucifer
    and Adonai (God, Yahweh). In the site illuminati news dot com, Hidden Hand
    claims that there are subordinate “gods” below a supreme creator. There was
    a conflict between Lucifer and Yahweh over rulership of Earth. Yahweh was a
    lesser subordinate god below Lucifer. “Lucifer” is the “light-bringer”. I
    still don’t understand the belief of Lucifer being the same as Satan. I
    think this is just more misinformation fed to us.

  • Komakoepfchen says:

    Ellen G.White is also a NWO puppet an the SDA is satanic.

  • divinenutrition says:

    Lucifer is Promethius; nothing to do with Satan. All deities have dual


    avenue of light .com

  • LarkaSojourn says:

    All of their machinations, the Jesuits, secret societies, political orders,
    religions, medias, are designed to distract so to control, hold captive.

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