Hitchens destroys God

Hitchens owns God.
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21 Responses to “Hitchens destroys God”

  • ace roger says:

    the legendary god-slayer Christopher Hitchens!

  • MICK MORGAN says:

    “Abiogenesis is on the cusp of being a proved theory”, am i supposed to laugh? “unlike your god”, god has already been proven. as time goes by more and more evidence rises to prove this fact. in the meantime the atheist religion continues to misinterpret or willfully deny the evidence. this all fits into the prophecies of the bible which have all come true or are coming true. (see ness clouds of the lord).

  • Kellen Phelps says:

    In the second line…

  • john smith says:

    @ clever trevor;

    “Now GOD has destroyed Hitchens.”

    you don’t know that, trevor. what happened regards hitch’s faith position at the very end was between hitch and god, if god exists. it’s not for you to speculate.

  • DiveBum18 says:

    pretty sure he’s trolling, there’s no way he can be that stupid. But then again…he’s probably really religious so maybe there is a chance…

  • Shy Talk says:

    And a nice little smiley face back to you too !! 🙂

  • Shy Talk says:

    And a nice little smiley face back to you too !! 🙂

  • KarmasVagabond says:

    in my defence, i did not know Chris had passed away until after i wrote that… R.I.P. C.H.

  • wguillaume98 says:


  • wpgm1 says:

    lmao. That’s some of the best trolling ever. I was ready to write an actual comment before it occured to me that no one would say that seriously lol pretty funny dude

  • Shy Talk says:

    I’m not shy… I merely hide behind those forever cryptical words of my username… The real me is to be found in my avatar… Then all is revealed… In other words… I am the hawk who hunts for shite… The Shite Hawk… And indeed I found it… In you. 🙂

    Don’t ever post shite anymore, for the shy-talking shite hawk will be watching…you.


  • wguillaume98 says:

    Just cause you know I don’t care much for the color orange & think Godzilla is way cooler than King Kong, don’t give you the right in saying I’m racist & would like to see both New York & Japan destroyed. Only God can judge me He know my heart & knows I love all nationalities, apples, sushi & that I don’t believe all atheist are depraved. But it sucks that your allergic to poultry because you don’t like things that go Cuckoo!! I know when I’m beat Shy Person, your power level is over 9,000! 🙂

  • Shy Talk says:

    Reading your mind was completely unnecessary. I mean, the reason you type words is to project your thoughts on screen, right? And once you’ve achieved this monumental task, then all I have to do as reader, is read the words you’ve written for me to deduce that which your thought-box is trying to convey. Easy.

    Mind-reading and pulling thoughts out of thin air, as you say, has absolutely nothing to do with it, when you choose to type your words yourself for all to see.

    Cuckoo !! Cuckoo !!


  • wguillaume98 says:

    This is sad, since you can read my mind, make conclusions out of thin air and put words on my key board then I already know where this conversation is heading. You take care.

  • Shy Talk says:

    I quote you,

    “If you wanna live a ‘deprave’ life style then live it up. […] God given man his user manual […] And since the bible says to refrain from sexual depravity […]”

    Are you trying to say, that if you had no bible or indeed god to believe in, then you yourself would choose to be one hell of a sexually depraved son of a bitch? The only thing stopping you from becoming a complete sexual monster is the bible, is that what you’re telling me??

  • wguillaume98 says:

    When did I say Atheists live a depraved life style? Those are your words not mine.

  • cliffy harris says:

    The God of the Bible also allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 and Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9). religion is evil

  • LazGav says:

    The knowledge of god is unknowable, because the universe can only be observed through an individual’s senses. And even though we can’t prove or disprove god, the Christian god/Jesus/the bible is almost perfectly disprovable because of how many contradictions and circular arguments they make.

  • Shy Talk says:

    Atheists live a depraved life style?

    How much more of a depraved life style could anyone get, than the crimes committed by the christian religion, on humanity, for the past 2000yrs, right up to the paedophilic priests of the present day?

    But then again, never mind, because one day, idiots like you, along with your false barbarism condoning religions, will all be dead. 🙂 God willing…

  • wguillaume98 says:

    Its been great talking to you as well, bye bye now. 😉

  • wguillaume98 says:

    Oh Atheist 🙂

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