Hitchens: The Catholic church is not a force for good

Hitchens: The Catholic church is not a force for good

Christopher Hitchens’ offering for the negative side in the October 19, 2009 London based IQ Squared debate. The motion was: “The Catholic Church is a force …

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25 Responses to “Hitchens: The Catholic church is not a force for good”

  • Alan Bourbeau says:

    Just who the hell does Christopher Hitchens think he is? He thinks that the
    Catholic faith is not a force for good. Well he’s wrong. Sincerely wrong.
    The Catholic church itself has done some horrible things like the
    Inquisition and the crusades. Despite of it’s flaws, the Catholic church is
    still holy and pure. And if anyone disagrees on what I’m saying, well
    that’s their problem. Not mine. No matter what people say, I’m standing
    firm in my Catholic faith and that’s something no one can take away. I’m
    not backing down.

  • Abby Turk says:

    this guy has no intelligence and no respect for another persons faith

  • Mikkel Liljegren says:

    And as a follow-up to my last post, another discourse from the same debate
    on the Catholic Church. I would post the whole one-hour thing, but I do not
    want to be responsible for unleashing Ann Widdecombe on an audience who
    have done nothing to deserve such horrors.

  • Xeno Phrenia says:

    I am neither an atheist nor a fan of Christopher Hitchens, however, in
    light of current circumstances, I feel this is relevant and accurate.


  • samm1809 says:

    14:11 What a shame… Not only did he die BEFORE the much older Pope
    Benedict, but since Benedict abdicated, that moment will never happen

  • paradidd says:

    Alan Bourbeau If someone disagrees with what you’re saying, it’s not
    necessarily “their problem” or a problem at all. That is the kind of
    arrogance that turns people off of the Catholic religion and other
    religions. Open your mind man. The Church is NOT holy and pure, that a
    crock of shit. 

  • Adam Hobbs says:

    Anne Widdecombe! proof there is no intelligent designer…

  • SYMPATRIC says:

    so what was Anne Widdecombe’s comeback like?

  • Matt Carey says:

    Haha, I love the little smile Stephen Fry has on his face through the whole

  • GOD2sodomyME says:

    Sick burn

  • toltecaazteca Hernandez says:

    Nothing its equal to God.

  • Zargaal Xi says:

    lol Hitchens wins again.

  • BERNARDO7I2 says:

    no. chritianty is the foundation upon the western legal system. why do you
    think we place a hand on bible when giving testimony and taking stand in
    court? you are not aware of HOW the church built western civilization. this
    is why you don’t believe it.

  • Grahame Nicholson says:

    I was a brought up a Catholic. I reject Catholic teaching. It is a mish
    mash of Christian teaching and a lot of stuff not found in the NT. Made up
    by the Catholic Church to suit itself over the years. That Church has done
    more damage to Christianity and killed more Christians than any other
    organisation in history.

  • BERNARDO7I2 says:

    not to mention the church gave you rights, education, morality. built your
    hospitals to rase your babies and tend to your sick, built your foster
    homes, old age homes, feed your pro and homeless. you have no idea. you are
    another church basher who not knows the truth of what the church built for
    you. largest charity on earth is the catholic church. this is a fact that
    is undebateble.

  • chrischutebox says:

    Oh i do and i have debated on that issue many of times, But Morales did not
    evolve from are brains . because again why is their no atheist from 2000
    years ago who practice Morales? if atheist if such a better choice why cant
    they. You think it has evolved but from where? the evidence shows cultures
    with God practice Morales but no atheist. why cant you answer this?

  • Grahame Nicholson says:

    Everyone is entitled to salvation.You don’t have to be “good” to qualify.
    After I accept Christ the Holy Spirit works in me to soften my
    heart.Onesimus was not forced. Paul had no power to force anyone to do
    anything.”I am sending him who is my very heart back to you.No longer as a
    slave, but better than a slave, as a dear brother. He is very dear to me
    but even dearer to you, both as a fellow man and as a brother in the Lord.
    If he has done you any wrong or owes you anything, charge it to me

  • CognitiveScienceFr says:

    Not “argument of authority”. I just want to see some answers to some
    specific arguments proposed by Hitchens. I never see any, which is kind of
    ironic, given religious people claims of being open to discussion. 2
    examples that kind of sum up the thing : – Einstein is always cited as
    religious. He was crystal clear that he did not believe in a personal god
    and did not like established religions. Einstein is in hell now, according
    to any holy book. – Hitler is often considered an atheist. Lol

  • BERNARDO7I2 says:


  • Chino Pisces says:

    Wow. You really need to learn how to write properly.

  • S Baldrick says:

    Well it is obvious to me that you don’t think very much of evolution so
    trying to explain where it came from wouldn’t exactly lead to a
    constructive conversation. You think it came from God (whoever that is) and
    I think it has evolved. Lets leave it at that, shall we?

  • massimoscaletta says:

    Transcendental, inconceivable genius.

  • S Baldrick says:

    Morals have been practiced by cultures with and without a belief in God or
    gods. Just because you can’t think of any doesn’t mean that religion is a
    given for morals to exist. ‘Do unto others’ predates Christianity and maybe
    even religion itself by millenias. I’ll give you an example of a secular
    society with morals: Japan!

  • Jackson Pastoor says:

    Nope, facts require evidence for which you have none. No way am I
    intimidated. I just don’t see the point in arguing with someone who’s so
    arrogant to think that out of the thousands of gods that have been invented
    by man, that he has the right one and that we are the centre of everything,
    for which we are definitely not. It’s a pointless exercise and I’ve got
    much better things to be doing. You really owe it to yourself to look at
    the work of Lawrence Krauss too.

  • beanie928 says:

    The Churh gave us a lot, but it’s an embarrassment on so many levels these
    days. It does a lot of good,but it’s done a whole lot of bad too.It’s given
    us fables and myths that have no real relevance anymore in the days of the
    Hubble Telescope..

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