How can I transfer from Catholic high school to public high school?

A question from a reader: I’m pretty much finishing up my freshman year at the Catholic high school Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School (New York). I strongly want to transfer to a public school. I would prefer a public school in Queens. I would like to know how I would go about transferring? Do I have to contact the public school? Forest Hills High school is not my zone school, but I it is a choice of mine. Is there any way that I may be able to go there? Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “How can I transfer from Catholic high school to public high school?”

  • Donald B says:

    Unless the school in Queens has open enrollment, you would have to go to the public school in your zone. Call the one in Queens and ask them if you would be allowed to transfer there. I notice that high school students automatically email. Other than universities, schools are more apt to answer a phone call than an email.

  • huckleberry says:

    You can’t just go to any public school. You would have to appeal and all that crap to go to a school that is outside of your district. I don’t know how the schools are in New York, but I live in another big city and the public schools here are not good. Maybe you could apply for a selective enrollment school. This means that you have to apply and maybe take a test to get into a public school. This way you are in a top notch, public, free, and diverse school.

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