How can one prove that Judaism/ the Torah came before Greek mythology?

A question from a reader: I need a source/book/website that gives historical/ empiracal evidence that the Torah and or Judaism came before Greek mythology and that Greek mythology got it’s story ideas from Judaism and not the other way around.

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5 Responses to “How can one prove that Judaism/ the Torah came before Greek mythology?”

  • blackcat_333 says:

    No idea , but i think Greek mythologize came first, and other religion were made partially because they wanted beliefs that restrict people more.

  • kent_shakespear says:

    There is not enough evidence to conclude that. Both originated in oral traditions that predate any written record of either.

    One can assume and one can make arguments, but no argument will ever be able to prove conclusively which came first, or which influenced the other. Personally, I think they were both more influenced by Egypt and other earlier cultures than they were to each other. But that’s my assumption.

  • zyrtoloft says:

    Not gonna happen….nope
    Don’t believe it

  • davessupersites says:

    It’s a historical fact that Judaism and even more so the Hebrews pre-dated the Greeks. Yet, Greek mythology would seem to be based on events that occurred before the rise of Greece. It is possible that they are based on stories of the pre-flood era. According to the Old testament, before the flood Angels descended to earth and mated with women, their children were called “Giborim” which could be translated as heroes. It is possible that, at the time, people believed these angels to be gods and thus the bases for both Greek and much of Egyptian mythology. But these myths were definitely not taken from Judaism, rather, perhaps, wielded from coinciding events that Judaism also tells of.

  • Steven שמואל says:

    By dating the language. Comparison of the Hebrew in the Bible to texts revealed by archeology that are written in similar languages and use similar word patterns.
    All Bible scholars agree that the final text of the “5 Books of Moses” and the books of the Prophets were written well before the Greeks were born as a nation. In fact, we can date the books of Kings and Jeremiah, for example, by comparing them to the records of the other ancient kingdoms of those times.

    Therefore, the Torah most certainly pre-dated the Greek mythology.

    However, I don’t think Judaism had much, if any, influence of the development of the Greek mythology. They’re completely different ideas of deities, that developed in very different time periods and locations.

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