How did people who are not religious get labeled as “others”?

How did people who are not religious get labeled as “others”?
It permeates our language and reveals a deeply religious bias. There are the religious people, and then there are the…others.

others??? gasp!.. lol

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with using the word per se, because there are situations where it applies, but its used often enough where it sounds almost something like a conspiracy.

“Other” tends to sound like a discreet cover for revealing something supposedly dark about a person being specifically not religious. As if it is distasteful in society to openly say “not religious” or even “naturalist”.

-an other.

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Answer by Joshua the Tree
Because the majority of the people in the world are retarded.

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6 Responses to “How did people who are not religious get labeled as “others”?”

  • Terrell says:

    That just proves part of the psychological damage that religion has done to humanity and how stupid most not all but most religious people can be

  • Lucy☄Fur says:

    {Actually, there are a number of spiritual groups who refer to themselves as “Other.”

    However, this isn’t the place or time to discuss it.}

  • Uncle jr. says:

    It makes perfect sense, giving that most of the people in the world are religious.

  • Master Réasúnach says:

    Makes us sound like that group on the LOST island. I’m no other I’m an openly atheist sceptic dammit!

  • Шayƒ – says:

    If you mean RScott’s use of the term, I’m
    sure it’s just a catch-all for everyone not

    I rather like being an other. It’s open-ended –
    applicable to so many possibilities. And,
    although I’m an atheist, I’m not just your
    average-run-of-the-mill atheist. I have some
    ideas (kinda like “beliefs”, but on the idea
    side of beliefs) that aren’t generally associated
    with most atheists. So… I *am* an other.

    (I almost typed otter).

  • OURScott says:

    I always preface my questions with “Christians and others -”
    I just don’t want anyone to feel left out.


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