How has sex been distorted? Who is responsible?

How has sex been distorted? Who is responsible?

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Answer by Christine Sundae
Sex is a natural function like eating food. If we didn’t have food, we would think about nothing else.

Because of the gender confusion (caused by Feminism) many people are sex starved and are obsessed with it. As a result, society suffers from arrested development manifested as an obsessive adolescent preoccupation with bodily functions, genitals, pornography and homosexuality.

If we have plenty, we know that divorced from love, “sex is the biggest nothing in the world.” (Andy Warhol)

Similarly, romantic love is mostly infatuation based on the expectation of some great advantage (usually sex or security). I have seen businessmen generate the same kind of heat while making a lucrative deal. But, like AOL-Time Warner, romantic mergers often go sour. A marriage based on sexual attraction is like a chair with one leg. True love is based on character, personality and trust, tested over a long period of time.

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7 Responses to “How has sex been distorted? Who is responsible?”

  • Shovel Ready says:

    Odd camera angles?

  • HooTheOwl says:

    Who is responsible for sex being distorted? o.o

    I would assume the couple(s) performing the act, no?

  • Does this look unsure to you? says:

    It was the liberals who started telling us we can do what we want with no consequences. If people would just save sex for marriage our country would be 1000X better. Think about no unwed teenage mothers, no STDs, severely reduced HIV/AIDS cases, no awkward relationships, less divorce. It would be a wonderful world.

  • Miss Anthrope says:

    Mostly Judeo-Xtians, but in general men…ever hear of the wandering uterus?

  • ignoramus says:

    The biggest distortion has been by “bible thumpers”.* They have managed to get sex associated with violence in America. That is why we hear the phrase “sex and violence” so often.
    In more advanced societies, sex, and by extension, the human body are seen as normal parts of life.
    They do not have photo editors blurring out the nipple or the rear end crack if these happen to be shown on TV.
    Sex is the opposite of violence. In America it is ok to see evisceration and decapitation, but not a naked body in a sexual or even non-sexual context.
    This is the biggest distortion.

  • Kai Kaid says:

    Weird FcuKers.

  • Misandrous Feminazi Witch Dyke says:


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