How Long Does A Sunday Morning Mormon Church Service Go?

Reader Question – I promised a mormon friend of mine that I would go to his church service this morning, but something has come up in the afternoon (around 1:30) and the service starts at 11 am. Should I cancel with my afternoon friend? Thanks.
I know this is incorrectly catagorized, but people won’t stop spamming the religion and theology area, and I actually need a practical awnser as to the functioning of a church, not being religious myself.

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13 Responses to “How Long Does A Sunday Morning Mormon Church Service Go?”

  • Michael says:

    I have recently been to a Mormon service. The actual service itself should go about 1 hour (give or take 15 min or so). After the service they have what could be classified as ‘bible study’ where they break down into groups by age and sex and discuss things (haven’t been to one of those yet). They also might have other meetings after that gets out bringing the total length they are at church to 3 hours.
    If you can drive yourself it might work. You can go to the actual service with your friend and still go to the other thing (they are perfectly fine if you do not feel comfortable going to the things that take place after service) . If not, then you might want to cancel on your other friend.

  • Luke Lombard says:

    There are 3 separate meetings each Sunday. One is called Sacrament meeting. It last about 1 hour 10 minutes. The second is called Sunday School. It last about 50 minutes. If you attend this, I would recommend attending Gospel Principles. This class is designed for visitors and people interested in learning about the LDS (Mormon) faith. The third meeting is called Priesthood (men) or Relief Society (women). I recommend attending all 3 meetings; however, if your 1:30 appointment cannot be changed, please feel free to leave when you have to. For your information, if your friend has invited you, feel honored. When people of any faith share something that means a great deal to them, they are letting you know you mean the world to them.
    If you chose not to attend, I recommend visiting his church services again on a more convenient date.

  • imamormo… says:

    The full sunday meeting schedule of a church service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is three hours so if it starts at 11:00 then you will be done at 2:00. It sounds like it will be close enough that maybe you can push back your other plans just a little and be fine.
    But, the three hours is taken up by three separate meetings:
    -first is “sacrament meeting” — similar to “mass” where members previously selected from the congregation give short talks, hymns are sung, and bread and water are taken– the sacrament.
    -second is generally sunday school where a lesson is given (this year it is a lesson about the Book of Mormon).
    -third, the women and men split up to separate sunday school classes for the final hour.
    It may sound long but it goes by quickly. The lessons are interesting and the teachers are volunteer members– no paid clergy. Have fun.

  • Life / Style says:

    There’s a 3 hour “block” of meetings.
    (possibly in a different order than this….)
    1. Sacrament Meeting (about 70 Minutes)
    2. Sunday School (Like Bible study – about 45 minutes)
    3. Meetings for Men and for women (about 45 minutes
    There’s a few minutes in between for people to change rooms, use the restroom, etc.
    You could easily go to 2 of them or leave half way through the third one. It’s not a big deal to stand up and slip out.

  • ryan s says:

    The actual religious/worship part, is just about an hour long. However they may stay for another two hours, going to Priesthood/Relief Society, and such.
    So possibly only about an hour, but maybe as long as three. Ask your friend what parts of the service they are going to. If your friend states, “Just Sacriment” then it will be about an hour.

  • tosmrt4c… says:

    Theres an hour of sacrament meeting, an hour of Sunday school, and then an hour of a 3rd meeting depending on the person, someone there could help you figure out where you need to go.
    So it’s 3 hours. Maybe you could just go to the first 2 hours and skip the 3rd.

  • kaicey24 says:

    The services usually last around 3 hours, so you probably won’t make it to where ever you need to go. I would rearrange another time you can go with your friend.

  • matthew. says:

    The worship part lasts about an hour and 10 minutes. It might go over a couple, but they try to keep it on time.
    Sunday school and priesthood/Relief Society are two hours.

  • Ender says:

    The service lasts around 3 hours. If they do go overtime it isn’t by a lot.

  • Bohemian says:

    The church goes from 11-2. I would not cancel it.

  • Alissa says:

    if it starts at 11 it will end at 2

  • Sarah A says:

    Yes the “worship” of Joseph Smith, current prophet, and the LDS church lasts a little over an hour. You have the Sunday School class where you study the Mormon books, and twist the Bible sound like the Mormon books. Lastly there is the Priesthood class where the men learn how to be Masters of their own Universe someday. The women have Relief Society where they learn how to be obedient to the Church and their husbands.

  • mormon_4 says:

    that depends…is it important…even remotely?
    if your not religious he/she should understand
    if he/she gets mad…then he/she has issues 🙂

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