How many Christians here believe this?

How many Christians here believe this?
How many of you believe that your salvation can be affected by the name on the sign infront of your church?
exactly sister steph
BTW, for those who may wonder, I never give thumbs down on a question I ask.

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Answer by yaktur
My hamster has the measles.

Makes just as much sense, eh!

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11 Responses to “How many Christians here believe this?”

  • robbodabbo2004 says:

    Not me I don’t believe any of that crap….You are not responsible for the church only yourself. If the chuch were practicing something that didn’t belong then it should be…..

  • sister steph says:

    Do you mean like what denomination you are: Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc? Some believe that, but I think God is a lot more forgiving then humans are. I highly doubt He’ll really care what denomination you are. That’s human judgement, not divine judgement.

  • seenotes, ABOC says:

    Not me!

  • paula r says:

    I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Acts 4:12 says:

    If the name of the church is “Church of Satan” then yes, your salvation will be affected by it.
    But, if the name on the church is “Emmanuel Methodist” or “St John’s Catholic” or “First Baptist” or “Anderson Wesleyan” or “New Hope Christian Fellowship” or “insert denomination name here” then probably not. As long as the church teaches the salvation message found in the Holy Scriptures, it’s not going to matter what’s above the door. If most of the churches today, will only realize the war is not with the church down the street but with Satan, then a lot more will be accomplished for the Lord.

  • Dan says:

    No not me because salvation comes from your beliefs not from what the name of your church is

  • Paddy says:

    Here is something to put in your pipe.
    It does not matter what your church is called or how many adverts are on it or how palatial it is…….its not Gods church.
    Gods true church preaches His gospel of the water and the Spirit which is His righteousness. And all who are in this church becomes sinless saints. So it does not matter if it gathers under that large tree or in that old barn, but it does matter in what it preaches and teaches.
    Salvation can therefore only be found in God’s true church.

  • bobblehead RAMJET says:

    salvation has naught to do with denomination …. or religion for that matter….

    blessings 🙂

  • bonsai bobby says:

    Genuine salvation will have an affect on which sign that you camp under.

    The kid above me,is right!!….LOL..

  • Jan P says:

    I don’t think people will come to Jesus because of the name of a sign in front of a church…..but unfortunately some people will turn away offended by the name and never come to salvation.

  • emily33h says:

    your salvation is only affected by wether or not you keep Gods Laws, and nothing else.

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