how many wives does the average mormon man have ?

A question from a reader: i have always wondered and have always liked the benefits of mormon men. is there a limit to the number of wives? please help me. i am catholic and thinking of converting to mormonism.

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14 Responses to “how many wives does the average mormon man have ?”

  • Nathaniel B says:

    polygamy is illegal

  • Boris 2.0 says:


  • TEH TYME KITTEH ~pantheist~ says:

    They dont practice this anylonger

  • Darth Revan says:

    They can only have 1 wife or husband polygamy is illegal.

  • joshsy says:


  • nichole says:

    Umm, yeah they do. My friend’s mom was a second wife. I know several pagans who do this too. Apparently you can have as many as you can afford to keep.

  • interested1208 says:


  • civis totius mundi says:

    The Salt Lake City Mormons only have one wife. Polygamy was forbidden in the 19th century.
    There are offshoot sects of the Mormons that still practice polygamy.

  • Sweet n Sour says:

    the average would be less than 1, since there is a percentage of Mormon men who are unmarried or widowed.

  • ~*Rachel*~ says:

    only 1!! having more than one is illegal

  • DRDAVE says:

    It’s a difficult question because there are over 200 offshoots from the LDS church, trying to restore the gospel of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. They are usually called “fundamentalists” and many of them practice plural marriage.

    The Community of Christ (formerly RLDS) followed Joseph Smith III instead of Brigham Young after the death of Joseph Smith, jr. They never accepted plural marriage.

    The LDS church does not practice plural marriage on earth today, but they do expect to practice it in the Celestial Kingdom. They have not revoked section 132 of the “Doctrine and Covenants” calling for plural marriage.

    However, there is a limit. Prophet Brigham Young limited the number of wives to 999 because the Bible criticizes Solomon for his 1000 wives.

  • venus_smrf says:

    One. Polygamy is illegal, and any Mormon man practicing it is immediately excommunicated from the church. You’re thinking of the Fundamentalists, who aren’t Mormon at all.

  • lightgiver says:

    ONE…I have been married to one man for 26 years. I know no one in our church that practices polygamy. I think you have us mixed up with the F.L.D.S. If anyone in our church were to practice polygamy now, they would be excommunicated.

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