How to deal with dress shoes that are uncomfortable?

How to deal with dress shoes that are uncomfortable?
*sigh* Long story short, I’m going to a funeral and I want to look presentable for the person (she meant a lot to me), so I was given dress/”church” shoes and they are so uncomfortable… Converse can look just as nice, but since those aren’t available for me atm, what can I do about these shoes?! I’m only going to wear these once and an hour isn’t long enough to break them in…

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Answer by T.C.S.
Lmao. I’m not laughing at the occasion (I send my condolences), but the shoe thing is too funny. My grandmother used to tell my cousins and I to grease our feet. I don’t know if you’re wearing socks or not, but walking in those shoes with oily feet was terrible lmao. It did help out a little though.

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  • Lostariel Telrunya says:

    If they are a bit big, you can (and i know this sounds weird, but it works) take some plastic wrap, and put some hair gel inside it, and wrap it up and seal it, and then stick it behind your foot. Yes, it sounds buts, but its transparent, and comfortable! You can quick run to the store and buy some shoe pads that go underneath your foot, but get the GOOD ones, the cheap ones make them hurt more!

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Lady Moore says:

    Are the shoes too little? My mom always bought me too little *** shoes that she knew I couldn’t wear. What I would suggest if you have big feet like me is… oil your feet like Tony said and when you sit down or have time to rest, remove your feet from the shoes. Lol to some people that’s tactless, but we have to do what’s best for ourselves.

  • Doctor RD says:

    Et tu Brute? You can take the shoe and bend it heel to toe several times to break it in and give it some elasticity. That will give you some relief. However, if the shoe is not an adequate fit, you will experience some pain during the funeral hour. That’s okay. Offer it up . . . persevere for an hour, remove them, donate them to some charity and move forward into light . . .

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