How to Really, Really Piss Off the Westboro Baptist Church

Brick Stone returns to the Alyona Show to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to protect the God Hates Fags Church’s right to protest funerals. But Freedom …
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25 Responses to “How to Really, Really Piss Off the Westboro Baptist Church”

  • DesignDeath says:

    Bullshit story

  • Jordan Link says:

    Hahahaha. What the heck

  • BumbleBeat21 says:

    Imagine if this church represented Christians globally. That would not be
    an accurate presentation. Imagine if terrorists represented Muslims
    globally. Imagine if Zionists represented Jews globally.

  • Myth Rain says:


  • hylke45 says:

    I disagree with the westboro baptist cult, really you can’t call it a
    church to be fair.
    but i dont think you should fight fire with fire.
    there must be something else to be done, like give them 0 attention ever in
    the media and when you see them on the streets just pretent like they are
    not there.
    Also why in america is freedom of speach allowed to offend someone on

    I think in a lot of other countries with freedom of speach they would’ve
    been banned from ever going to protest at funerals with something offensive.

    freedom of speach is good yeah ofcourse, however this is until the point
    where you start disrespecting people on purpose, i mean making sings that
    people are going to hell and that God hates you, obviously means offending
    and disrespecting.
    They also refuse to have a civilized debate, in every interview i stumbled
    upon they kept on repeating the same and as soon as someone else started
    talking they interupted him after 2 words.

    I think the American government should see these people as nazi’s only
    instead of hating jews they hate GLBTQ people and love deaths and

  • jbooks888 says:

    Say what you want about WBC – they deserve it all, but this fellow’s
    ‘comedy’ was terribly painful for me to listen to. Am I the only one?

  • Chris Akazone says:

    Can somebody just take one for the team and burn down all the members
    houses.. ?Leave the church, if there is one, as place for soldiers to go
    and find jobs after returning from war, or make it a nice little relaxation
    place for em .

  • twistedfool420 says:

    Religiosity is a cancer to human potential.

    Anyone religious deserves to be scorned and ridiculed for their beliefs.

    Atheists need to stop with the “let them believe whatever they want”
    bullshit – These scum are the cause of the dark ages. The painfully slow
    progression into the sciences and age of enlightenment. Religious scum
    tortured any endeavor into scientific thought, they sacrificed their own
    damn children for millenias, and are parasitical cockroaches that need to
    be stomped out of societal thought.

  • Misty Whyms-Gray says:

    Actually some if the thing he said he can get sue for slander, especially
    if its not a fact. But oh well. :3

  • Evan Gragg says:

    Under my regime, I would order Fred Phelps to be roasted Joker style.

  • HxC Gaming says:

    This guy is a god.

  • jamila cuturic says:

    My god.

  • TheMinecraftWolfGirl says:

    all the yes

  • Lance Wynter says:

    You’ve won the internets for the world. 

  • Зоя Маклакова says:

    Why is this guy not doing stand ups.

  • Markus Raman Kruger says:

    This was awesome

  • chris chambers says:

    Troll level: 9001

  • Daniel Chase says:

    “And if it wasn’t for Sherly Phelps showin’ me what they’re gonna look like
    in 20 years, I might even be flattered.”

    I wish I was as witty is this sly mother fucker.

  • Calvin Hoversten says:

    Awesome video, the fuckers protested Jeff Hannemans funeral (thats Slayers
    former guitarist for all you un-informed folk out there)
    someone please burn down WBBC

    R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman January 31, 1964 – May 2, 2013)

  • Dan E says:


  • nixrate says:

    i am just amazed no one has rolled up with an ar-15 and unloaded into their

  • TELEFOON87 says:


  • Kate H says:

    That was fucking amazing. 

  • 313UNDEAD says:

    Fuckin love your videos!

  • David Hish says:

    Brick is my Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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