How would Adam and Eve have known who to listen to in the Garden of Eden?

How would Adam and Eve have known who to listen to in the Garden of Eden?
Think about it. How is one supposed to make any decision without the knowledge of good and evil? They couldn’t have known that eating the fruit was a “sin”. Adam and Eve had no concept of sin before eating the fruit!

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Answer by Liberal AssKicker
Gosh, with so few created up to that point, how hard could it be?

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26 Responses to “How would Adam and Eve have known who to listen to in the Garden of Eden?”

  • nickgalant says:

    All religions are cults and they will tell you anything to keep you hooked. So you have to march to the drummer in your own head and not some distant drummer you know nothing about, The following will help you think about all the religions in the world.

    First of all there is absolutely no evidence that any deity ever existed anywhere. The bible was written by men to control other men plain and simple. This is the twenty first century and humanity has to pull itself together and resist believing in religious mythology of all kinds and start creating a world based on science to benefit all of us. Planet Earth is beautiful as it is and we should stop wasting our human energy by praying to imaginary gods and killing each other over different religious points of view. Every time we hear someone talking about gods, heaven, hell or how humanity must be saved from eternal damnation because some woman named Eve was talking to a serpent regarding apples and he convinced her to take a bite is shear nonsense. If there really was an omnipotent deity and it wanted humanity to understand what was wished it would not need to go through third party preachers, bible codes and multiple religions to get the point across. So let’s get real, put a damper on all this imaginary religious mysticism and start enjoying the beautiful universe and wonderful life we already have right here on earth.

  • ? says:

    Well God was the one that made them so that should have let them know who to listen to.

  • terafloop says:

    You’re right. God is a big bully.

  • Fred says:

    True, but they were set up. No surprise there. And they deserve eternal punishment, so christians believe, for falling for the setup.

  • Denny M says:

    The Garden of Eden makes no sense. You either accept it as a metaphor or concede God set us up to fail intentionally. (Or deny it doesn’t make sense, when it obviously does.)

  • woohozit says:

    No matter what you do to tell people about how their religion may be “wrong” all your ever going to get is the lashed back at.Why even bother with this?

  • Silversoul82 says:

    They had understanding of morals, but they did’nt understand waht the words “Good’ and “Evil” meant.

  • Convert. says:

    @”They couldn’t have known that eating the fruit was a “sin”. ”


    He told them not to.


  • indifferent says:

    God told them not to, therefore they knew it was “bad” because their creator said it was

  • Earl Buttkiss says:

    God told them not to eat it before they ate it. Maybe you should read the Bible at least a little before challenging it.

  • MrzBoopie says:

    God TOLD them: Do not eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Satan came and tempted Eve, she ate the fruit and gave Adam the fruit and they had disobeyed God and they received the knowledge of good and evil (like God) and there eyes were open to it, thats when they went and hid from God and told Him they couldn’t come before Him because they were naked, so God says: Who told you you were naked? Did you eat from the tree?
    etc. etc.

    It’s in Genesis, you should read it.

  • Believeland says:

    yes they DID! God said that he shall eat from any tree in the gardn but the one in the center (or something like that) and God said for when he did, he would know both evil and good (forgive me im too lazy right now to look up the exact verses)

  • Rjinswand the Doctor says:

    A very good point. If you were to imagine to beings trying to tell Adam and Eve two conflicting things, and since they have no other basis on which to determined which of those beings are “good” and which is “bad”, how can they tell?

    And let’s look at what these two beings are saying:

    Being #1 – Do everything I say, don’t question me, and stay ignorant.

    Being #2 – Hey, open your mind, learn some stuff, start thinking for yourself.

    Wow, its incredible the number of people who don’t seem to grasp what the question was, and are just repeating Genesis back. It further solidifies my view that Christians are incapable of original thought.

  • rod_fro says:

    Who is Adam and Eve? aren’t they a part of Roman/jewish Mythology.

  • John says:

    Exactly. The story has so many holes. It just doesn’t add up.

  • Walking Saint says:

    they were given a clear simple instruction, god only said to them DO NOT EAT from this tree. i think people with minimum common sense can understand the word DO NOT

  • A sect of my own says:

    “Love NOT the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father IS NOT IN HIM. For [for means ‘because’] ALL that is in the world,

    the lust of the FLESH,

    the lust of the EYES,

    and the pride of LIFE,

    is not of the Father, but is of the world.

    And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides for ever” (I John 2:15-17).

    Notice that “…ALL that is in the world…”—all the sins of the world, have their origin in one of these three categories of sin that proceeds “out of THE HEART.” Not out of the “will” or out of the “mind,” but “out of THE HEART.” The “will” and the “mind” are subject to the “heart,” and not the other way around. The heart is not subject to the will, neither is the heart subject to the mind, but rather both of these are subject to the birthplace of all human functions—the HEART!

    Simply and unarguably, Jesus states as a fact, that all evil thoughts and sins proceed OUT OF THE HEART.

    Now, with all that said, let’s prove once and for all that Mother Eve and Adam were (1) NOT spiritually perfect in any way shape or form, BEFORE they actually ate of the forbidden fruit, and (2) neither did they sin and then partake of the forbidden fruit through the operation of something called “free will.”

    “And when the woman saw that the tree was GOOD FOR FOOD… Gen. 3:6:

    “…lust of the FLESH…” (I John 2:15)

    and that it was PLEASANT TO THE EYES… Gen. 3:6:

    “…lust of the EYES…” (I John 2:15)

    and a tree to be DESIRED TO MAKE ONE WISE Gen. 3:6:

    “…the PRIDE OF LIFE” (I John 2;15)

    Eve committed EVERY CATEGORY OF SIN THERE IS IN THE WORLD, before… BEFORE she actually ate of the forbidden fruit.

  • kirbylover03 says:

    God specifically TOLD them not to eat of that tree, He gave them freedom to eat of any others, but not that one. They acted like any of us act when people tell us not to do something, they wanted to try it out since it was forbidden. Yes, they were tricked, but they knew who to listen to, after all, He’s THE Creator.

  • TexasRiverRat says:

    I expect God’s voice was fairly distinctive. And He told them not to eat the fruit — just from that tree. They were free to enjoy all the other fruits as well as everything else the Garden had to offer.

    I suppose that they didn’t have to know it was a sin, per se. It was enough to know that they were told not to eat it. If you consider them as the children of God it makes sense.

    My child needn’t know why he has to hold my hand while crossing the street … it’s enough that I said so. (how often did your mom say that!?). If I decide to explain the why, then that’s my choice. But it’s not my obligation.

  • Skipper says:

    I don’t know, but if a talking snake came up to me, I think I would be so intrigued I would listen with complete focus and fascination.

    Especially if I was naked.

  • LEIRBAG D. says:

    very filosopical

  • Dingo says:

    yknow what, if he were real, i’d thank satan for what he did in the garden. humanity would be inbred naked morons eating from trees in a tiny garden while some superbeing watched us like we were an ant farm.

  • i_love_the_astros21 says:

    The devil is smart and fooled Eve to eat the fruit. Eve told Adam and Adam knowing that God had told him not to…still ate it.
    The devil is smart….GLORY BE TO GOD!

  • James says:

    God told them if they ate of the fruit then they would die. What your saying is New Age teachings. That there can’t be good without evil, and you can’t make a decision without the knowledge of both. This isn’t true. Look at the angels that didn’t fall, they made the right decision even before they knew evil. It’s like you telling your spouse ” I don’t know if your the one until I try everyone else out first” you see that’s silly. You see let me give you a couple of examples of what I’m trying to say. There is no darkness, darkness is just a name that we give for the absence of or lacking of light. There is no cold, cold is just a name that we give for the absence of or lacking of heat….. Now, you see there is no evil only the absence of or lacking of God. And I suggest you get some more God. 256-283-3644

  • ? says:

    They were told which tree to stay away from and the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil was Satan himself, he knew good and he knew evil, a common tree has no knowledge other than to sap water up from the ground. The fruit spoken of was not a literal fruit but rather a fruit of the spirit in other words when God said don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil what this meant was don’t you take in anything that Satan’s going to try selling. The Bible speaks of us bearing fruit as Christians, what kind of fruit we bear in this life depends on who we are following, God or Satan.

    God told them not to eat of that particular tree and he also told them not to even “touch it”. Now what harm would touching the tree have done them? In the Hebrew the word “touch” Strong’s concordance#5060 is a euphemism which means to lie with a woman
    A euphemism is a discreet way to say something that isn’t so nice to say. God used this here to indicate to us that Eve had a sexual encounter with Satan from which she conceived Cain.

    Remember Satan was created a beautiful cheribum by God and he definitely is more subtle than all the other beasts, he is cunning and He did beguile Eve, beguile means to wholly seduce. Yes, Adam and Eve may have been innocent not yet knowing Good and Evil but God warned them both about this tree in the Garden that should have been good enough. Eve engaged in conversation with Satan *Serpent is one of his many names and she began to reason the truth she had already been told by God. Sounds like alot of people’s trouble today

  • cshs1960 says:

    There was no sin in God`s perfect world at that time ! Adam & Eve`s issue was “disobedience” of God`s instructions`. Their “disobedience” became sin because of the fact of being disobedient to God !! You make that point perfectly in your question when you stated ” Adam & Eve had no concept of sin before eating the fruit” From that day until now the knowledge of good and evil has been manifested in the flesh of all mankind ! Just as the serpent deceived then , so it is today !

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