How would you personally define religion?

How would you personally define religion?
Many religions 1.) Don’t have a god. 2.) Don’t have an afterlife. 3.) Don’t believe in a soul 4.) Don’t have any practiced rituals. 5.) Don’t have a holy book. 6.) And many “religious” people take their entire religion figuratively. – Once you remove all of that, what do you have left?

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Answer by Catalyst
what do you have left? ummm communism?

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13 Responses to “How would you personally define religion?”

  • youthpastor1955 says:

    Religion: Man Made
    Christianity: God breathed

  • smk111 says:

    Religion comes off to me as tool for control.

  • Mountain Man says:

    true religion according to God is the care and feeding of widows and orphans in their distress !

  • **~Sucre Noir~** says:

    *laughs hysterically* i love the first answer!

  • iAMurHELL says:

    Well , i know this doesn’t answer your question :

    ” RELIGION can’t save you from pain , it can’t save you from a maniac on the road.
    RELIGION can’t save you from debts, it can’t save you from a nightmare.”

    that’s it . don’t talk about religion , because there’s not any .

    all you have to do is : have faith . not RELIGION .

  • Boba Fett says:

    Organized superstition.

  • HM Ysabel of Castile says:

    I love the first answer.

    I don’t think you have anything else, really. It’s kinda like a political party, eh?

  • Mr.Dale says:

    I really don’t get all your reasons – but my answer to the Main one is this…

    Religion is walking with God, and understanding as best we can – what it is he is wanting from us.

  • Annie says:

    You are full of it tonight aren’t you ??? lol…… I define it as LAW…. which I am NOT under any more…. Thank you God !!!!! go in peace…. God bless

  • Tony S says:

    That is the beauty of religion.

    It is in individual subjective conceptual creation which can instantly be changed to whatever the believer needs based upon the given circumstance/situation.

    The typical thread which unites religion is the unknown. Religion hides in the shadows of this spectrum of ‘information’ proclaiming it does know.

    The one thing we know about the unknown. We might have good ideas of what is there, how it got there, what it is, what is going to happen or we might be working on finding out what it is. But, we proclaim for certain we do not know.

    One of the most painful things as a human is to not know. Imagine your child dying – you did not know the disease. Your wife kidnapped you did not know where. Your business life work failing you did not know why.

    As religion only exists within the mind of the individual and is subjective it proclaims it does know, has the answer and can fix the problem only if you love, worship, follow, give your life to or donate to it.

    The problem as it exists only in the mind people often greatly disagree and this causes great social disharmony and friction. This leads to violence, chaos and other irrational ideas.

    Religion is a conceptual subjective delusion which proclaims to the sick mind it knows. People would rather believe lies or make up stories rather than admit they might not know.

    If you deny that you simply do not know – do ya?

  • Jamesson (RekonDog) says:

    I don’t put much stock in religion. I just have a belief.

  • Lifesharer says:

    To me like you wanted to define it yourself, using your own parameters. You’re not really looking for an answer to the question. According to your parameters what you have is called the philosophy. I would define religion as a system of philosophy and or traditions and rituals which men implement for various reasons including: trying to please God, gain righteousness, or somehow improve the quality of their own life. The variations of religions is, as a man defines it,irrelevant to the question of what GOD defines as religion: Jas 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. The Bible defines religion metaphorically as building a “tower of Babel” men attempting to reach to God through some systematic methodology. This is diametrically opposed to Christianity which while it has religious elements and Sects that are clearly religious, is not a religion, but essentially true Christianity is about what God has done to come to man to draw nigh to make a way. We see in the story of Jacob that his dream was the ladder came DOWN (as a work of God to reach out to man) from heaven and the angels and men went up and down upon it. Christianity is correctly defined as a living relationship with God, a walk with God if you will, by the regeneration of the man and the indwelling of the Holy Ghost.

  • Justinsane says:

    Circular Logic.

    “The bible is the word of God” > “But how can you be sure that it is the word of God?” > “Because the bible tells us so” > “But why believe the bible?” > “The bible is infallible” > “But how do you know that it is infallible?” > “The bible is the word of God” > “But how do……………………………….

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