Humanist, non-religious weddings

Humanist, non-religious weddings

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8 Responses to “Humanist, non-religious weddings”

  • BrumelyKris says:

    I honestly don’t understand why somebody would want a generic marriage,
    having a personal and unique one actual means something. You might as well
    not marry if it isn’t special. I personally would want one abroad, in the
    tundras of Scandanavia, preferably near the northern lights, but that
    wouldn’t make it very practical. Then the money would truly be well spent.

  • TheBigAyland says:

    I don’t agree with marriage but I am pleased to see a non religious

  • Chris Street says:

    great video about Humanist Weddings!

  • Rob Quick says:

    My wife and I had a humanist wedding. Absolutely perfect. All the good
    stuff from religious weddings but without all the silly dillusional
    religious eccentricities. A truly fabulous decision. 

  • Steve Emmett says:

    What a great video! Explains Humanist weddings perfectly.

  • Michael Haley says:

    Please seek our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  • sfwill3 says:


  • o0Avalon0o says:

    I want my wedding to be like my life, filled with family and friends. I
    love this vid.

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