I got baptized as a baby, do I need to get baptized again?

I got baptized as a baby, do I need to get baptized again?

I got baptized as a baby, do I need to get baptized again?
Am I violating the “one Lord, one faith, ONE baptism” rule by doing so?

I hear it’s optional anyway. Or it’s a commandment, I don’t know. It can’t be both.
Some well thought out answers here. Thank you.
joearnold00: Thank you for the Easter greeting. He is risen indeed!

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Answer by mary ann
In the Catholic Faith we believe in “One Baptism for the forgiveness of sins.” However, we do require that the Baptism was done in the Tinitarian format, which is, “In the name of the FAther, The Son and the Holy Spirit.” God Bless…

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9 Responses to “I got baptized as a baby, do I need to get baptized again?”

  • Helen says:

    Your parents were the ones that were violating the rule of one baptism. The first comes faith and then baptism. Go ahead and have yourself baptized, by immersion if you can.

    Is there anywhere in the Bible where we need to be baptized as a baby and confirmed later? Jesus was our perfect example, He got baptized.

  • FROG E says:

    If you have been “Born Again”…you should be baptised according to the bible…to show an outward sign of your acceptance of Jesus’

  • Chizza says:

    I don’t think you have to be baptised again. You get a confirmation, but that’s it.

  • budleit2 says:

    No you are not violating that rule. If you question it you should get baptized again. As a baby it was not a personal choice. It may be valid but again it may not. I questioned it and wondered the same thing being I was Catholic. Later I felt that I had to make the personal decision myself and did so 4 years ago.

  • joearnold00 says:

    I guess it depends on what church you go to.

    Our church sees baptism as a public display of the change Jesus Christ is making in your life. That is something you do to show that you have made a committment to God and are trying to live your life in such a way.

    For us, the baby baptism is more about the parents and faith community agreeing to do their best to help guide you into God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. That is something done on your behalf but not by your personal choice.

    We would encourage you to get a 2nd because that becomes a personal choice that you make and is a personal testimony. Not required in our church but a nice ritual and added part of your personal testimony.

    The quote you make is out of Scripture: “one lord, one faith, one baptism” refers not to being baptized once but the fact that we believe in the ONE WAY to get to Heaven and that is by accepting God’s love and sacrifice through the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Which by the way….HAPPY EASTER– HE HAS RISEN!

  • ICToA says:

    If a person’s initial baptism was valid, rebaptism does nothing to improve the state of the soul before God. Any valid baptism imprints a spiritual mark or character on the recipient’s soul. This mark cannot be destroyed or removed, so baptism can never be repeated. Any subsequent attempts at baptism will be invalid. They are at least materially an insult to the Holy Spirit, because they imply that what the Spirit did in the initial baptism was not sufficient. Usually, though, a person who receives a “second baptism” is not formally guilty of insulting the Holy Spirit since he has been mistaught concerning the efficacy of his initial baptism.

  • Rich S says:

    Infant baptism is a not Biblical practice. I would indeed get baptised. It is a public profession of your faith. Attend a church that teaches God’s word in context.

  • Phoebe says:

    Only if your convictions have become that of “believers’ baptism.”


    BTW, it’s a command (though not 1 of the Decalogue), but not a prerequisite to entering heaven, ie. death-bed conversions. We are to be obedient to our Lord, not to earn salvation & work our way to heaven, but out of love & gratitude for what God has already done to secure our salvation. These works (including obedience in baptism) are a sign of the Spirit’s life-changing work in us.

  • Hogie says:

    The “one baptism” is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and not a baptism of water.

    When you were a baby, you were unable to understand and believe the gospel. It is those who believe the gospel who are baptized with the Holy Spirit.

    Instead of worrying about the number of times you get wet, you should be studying to see what the gospel is as revealed in Scripture, and understand what a false gospel is, so you don’t get sucked into believing a false gospel.


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