Im looking for a “Obama Antichrist” tshirt?

Im looking for a “Obama Antichrist” tshirt?
I seen it about 2-3 years ago. It was purple I think and his brains was hanging out and it said antichrist at the bottom. Ive been searching for a bit and cant find nothing like it. I seen It on myspace and well that has went to hell lol so anyone know where I might be able to find this shirt. Im not looking for any other one.
Im not asking for a damn political debate.. im looking for a tshirt.. post helpful responses or dont post at all
white people? lol dont show your ignorance.. makes everything your saying void.
white people? lol dont show your ignorance.. makes everything your saying void.

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Answer by Rabbit season Duck season Fire
so remind me how he is the antichrist what exactly has bush done besides send the country into a recession everyone expects for a man to clean up 8 years of bullshit that he left behind he got the troops out of iraq and.white people err hrrm I mean people think hes the antichrist

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  • Blood of Jesus saves says:

    antichrist is probably the saw movie jigsaw puppet. he’s the only one that fits the description as of now. think about it: “u wanna play a game? ” is said by the antichrist ’cause he wants worship and will behead anyone who refuses to worship him. of course, those who worship him go to hell. those who refuse to worship the antichrist and are beheaded – go to heaven.

    warning: 80ftdinosaurs will come out from underground through sinkholes and lakes, and start eating people up; antichrist is a white gay man with red eyes; mark of the antichrist is a green electronic nwo tattoo with sixes that is given when one stretches their hand to receive a new small gray world passport; ufos=demons=aliens=ascended masters=ghosts=channeled entities=dead relatives during seances=spirit guides=pagan gods=greys etc.; atlantis (where aliens make humans their puppets) is underneath mariana trench; china will attack russia; don’t worship the antichrist; don’t take “the chip, world passport, and nwo tattoo”; don’t go into a ufo ship under any circumstances

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