In Remembrance (Eleanor Daley)

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Emory University Mastersingers at Emory Presbyterian Church October 29, 2004 Elise Eskew, director

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20 Responses to “In Remembrance (Eleanor Daley)”

  • iejr says:

    @equistera the ink is never dry in this type of music, the tempo isnt too fast or. its exactly how the choir intended it to be.

  • maxhappyface says:

    I love this song. it’s beautiful.

  • EmiliesSyringe says:

    The alto part is hard to pick up when you are not an alto and therefore are not able to easily pick out the middle intervals, and have not sung this in a choir.
    It’s nicely done, but I wish there was more expression. I feel like the whole thing is very rushed as well. But I’m not certain of the precise tempo this song was written for.
    What I mean is that this song is about someone saying, “I’m dead, but I’m still here.” The notes right after the high points are pitchy, slowing down will fix it

  • vampyrerockgoddess says:

    The only reason that you might not hear the altos is because your ear always picks up on the higher pitches. As I am atuned to the alto part, and am used to hearing the inner voices, that’s what I heard. The arrangement is beautiful choir, I hope we sing as well as you did. 🙂

  • periphery09 says:

    ew this is horrible

  • ReallyBigJump says:

    Question: I’m looking for a song by Eleanor Delay called “Ave Verum Corpus.” and yes I do know that there’s a song by Mozart but that’s not the one I’m looking for.

  • Sallieeeeee says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song. I didn’t sing it but another group from my school did.


    altos rule.
    that is all. =]

  • cburton1324 says:

    my HS choir sang this earlier in the year
    go sopranos!

  • neveelicious says:

    in the choir i am in we are learning this song,
    i love it 🙂
    and i love the alto one part 🙂
    cuz of course i am one? ;D

  • rothroc58 says:

    i LOVE this song!

  • Hieifireshadow says:

    It actually isn’t.
    I’m learning this piece in school right now and I’m an alto. While it isn’t simple, it’s not DIFFICULT to sing.
    I only hear about one also most of the time.
    But they are very good. I liked it. :>

  • TylerPCoughlin says:

    Certainly Pitchy at times and I’d like to hear more of the parts to thi here. Good though

  • DeeDeeteehee says:

    Is it hard singing the alto part in this??!
    It’s so hard to hear alto..

  • BohemianUtopia617 says:

    best one i’ve seen on youtube.

  • DeeDeeteehee says:

    omigosh she’s soo cute~!
    nice song, and nicely sung too btw 😛

  • j0elyrancher says:

    This is a beautiful piece. I first heard it this past all saints day at an even song. very moving.

  • Lightstruck456 says:

    LOL @ Grandma in the beginning! But, a beautiful song

  • lifeofsoccer says:

    this choir is small….

  • kittychan528 says:

    So beautiful. I sang this in my choir in high school years ago.

  • murderor says:

    im on my brothers account but im singing this song for chorus…it is such a beautiful song

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