Is asexuality a “sin”?

Is asexuality a “sin”?

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Answer by Dave P
No. That’s what Paul advocated.

Of course Paul had very weird views of sexuality. People have speculated that he was a closet homosexual who was ashamed of his sexuality and this has been translated to his writings.

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5 Responses to “Is asexuality a “sin”?”

  • JumpingJoy says:

    How could that be a sin? Your not being sexually inmoral. There is nothing in Christianity that says you have to have sex.

  • worldtravelr4 says:

    It should be!!! YOu were given a gift to share with others, and you shouldn’t be selfish with it!! SHare!!

  • khalabra says:

    Interesting, if we see wasted progeny as the reason for the masturbation and homosexuality “sins” then this must be just as bad… or is the focus on the fact that you’re not supposed to enjoy “wasting” your seed?

    I like this question – looking forward to more answers…

  • humanrayc says:

    Only if you can’t reproduce the results!

  • imacatholic2 says:

    Asexuality would only be considered a sin if you were married.

    Married couples are expected to enjoy God’s wonderful gift of sex.

    With love in Christ.

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