is charles manson a scientologist or a christian?

is charles manson a scientologist or a christian?
I keep finding conflicting info (typically by typing “charles manson scientology” or “charles manson christianity” into google search). Does anyone know what belief system he perscribes to?

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Answer by Anne
Charles Manson is a mass murder so no of the rest of that even matters to me personally.

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14 Responses to “is charles manson a scientologist or a christian?”

  • Enigma® says:

    He’s a psychotic Christian. He even claimed to be Jesus. Nutjobs like him have made good people look bad for hundreds of years.
    EDIT: Auntie Satanbuster, perhaps you should do some research before answering, because Manson’s forehead tattoo is a swastika, NOT a pentagram.

  • Tsunami says:

    neither hes his own religion

  • Walty says:

    Hes a heathen.

  • ManD_Z says:

    Neither, he’s a mansonist, he thought he WAS god.

  • gingerpride66 says:

    look up helter skelter

  • Benjamin Goodman says:

    Probably more like a brain fried drug addict..

  • Alex62 says:

    Psychotic, sociopath raised Christian.

  • gertystorrud says:


  • deathvsdream says:

    Charless Manson was crazy. His views leaned towards a racial war brought on by christ, and he never actually killed anyone ( that people know of)
    He also used hallucinogenic drugs to brainwash his followers.

  • says:

    i dont think hes either although i think they said he found christinaity while in prison…..but i doubt it

  • physician says:

    As far as I know, he is a criminal

  • liberalinthedesertaz says:

    hes a christian because he thought he was jesus and also has a swastika tattooed on his forehead…thus a christian…hes also a racist and he never murdered anyone himself..he was too much of a pussy to actually do anything like that…

  • beernotcider says:

    Charlie Manson is a fanatic who is suffering from .. who knows what ? He’s best left just where he is… in prison.

  • Uncle T says:

    Charles Manson is a freak and a product of our Judicial System. If you read your history on him you will find that he has been in and out of the prison system since he was nine years old. I don’t think he claims to be any religion. He still hangs onto the “I am Jesus incarnate” outwardly but it’s anybody’s guess as to what he really belives because nobody can get a straight answer out of him cause he’s so phsycho.

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