Is Dove soap/beauty bar suitable for washing the face with?

A question from a reader: Does anyone wash their face with the dove beauty bar? Is it good for this? I want something that cleans, does not leave dry and is good for the complexion. Thank you.

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25 Responses to “Is Dove soap/beauty bar suitable for washing the face with?”

  • Deep says:

    You could use it and then apply lotion on your face so your face won’t be left dry.

  • onandonandonanon says:

    you should never use soap on your face! get a facial clenser instead, soap, all soap is to harsh for your face.

  • J says:

    i dont use it for my face, i use it for my body. since it’s called body soap, you use it on your body. but i wouldnt use it on my face,it may make you break out

  • I_LOVE_CORN™ says:

    yeah i use it all the time

  • abouttobeageek says:

    My mother uses it. she says her skin is very dry and its the best soap she knows.

  • d l says:

    Dove and a wash cloth cleans and exfoliates wonderfully. It is a tried and true beauty regime.

  • Kathryn says:

    Dove bar soap is really good for washing the face with, as long as you use it every day. its what i use and i dont have any face problems like acne or dry skin.

  • Chèrie180 says:

    i heard dove made cancer,
    its that shit.
    dont use it on your body let alone your face!

  • Megafunk says:

    I think you can get a special bar of Dove now for your face. I know you can get special Pro-aging bars. I see someone has commented saying that they use it for their body but not their face. Who still washes themselves with soap? lol! I thought everyone used shower gel in today’s world!!!

  • Tammy says:

    Yeah i do that (= Just apply face moisturizer after you’re done

  • sue122443 says:

    Yes. I am 65 years old and use Dove beauty bar every morning. Splash your face with warm water. Lather your hands with the soap and hand-wash your face. Flush your face with cupped hands under running water, splashing all areas of your face until the soap is rinsed off. Take the towel to dry your face, but don’t rub. Just pat the water/moisture off your face, then while it is still damp put on face cream. Been doing my morning beauty wash like this since I was 11 and been using Dove since it came onto the market. It works. I look 45. Limited dry skin wrinkles. Go girl!

  • snackbagger says:

    oh? yeah. if you have normal skin. if you have dry…this will make it dryer. i use caress beauty bar with brightner, cause my skin is works better.

  • Kiki says:

    yes! when i was going to a dermatologist for my bad skin, i tried all the expensive prescription creams and salves he gave me to make my blemishes go away, but they all made my face SUPER dry. eventually, he told me to use the white dove soap twice a day and gave me a sample for a moisturizer and it worked great! i just washed my face with it this morning and used oil of olay moisturizer and my face is baby soft. now i have only the occasional blemish when i get stressed or touch my face too much and i have pretty much the perfect amount of moisture for my face.

    if it’s bad for your face i don’t think my dermatologist would specifically recommend white dove soap (i think he said white because it lacks all the additives for colors) and if it was bad for my face i don’t think my skin would feel and look so good right now.

    hope that helps!

  • Stained Glass says:

    I use the senstive skin Dove bar on my face every morning and I love it. Makes it soft and clean without being dry. I have tried a million high end cleansers and Dove works jsut as well, if not better. My skin tends to break out sometimes so at night i use Mario Badescu acne wash (best acne wash ever!). Alternating the acne wash with the dove bar lets me keep the breakouts away without getting dry skin. My friend has only ever used the dove bar on her face and she has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen.

  • Dr.Zee says:

    I don’t know where some of people are getting their information from. But if you were to use any soap for your face, Dove would be your best bet (particularly the Dove soap for sensitive skin), where as other harsh soaps will strip away your natural oils and will leave your skin dry and rough. A lot of dermatologists recommend Dove bar soap for your face. Dove has moisturizing ingredients and is very face friendly, but it may not be for everyone, everyones skin is different, your best bet is to try it and see how it works for you. I believe in using simple products for face that will not cause build up or skin flaking, and Dove is very good for that.

    If you do decide to use Dove as your facial cleanser, i would recommend using an astringent (i prefer home made ones, because they are just as effective as the $10-$20 ones. It’s simple science, use 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 part water, or anything will a high acidity level but make sure to dilute it). And i recommend this process because any bar soaps you use on your face strip away the acidic base on the surface of your skin that is there to kill bacteria, so the astringent or toner will replace that acidic base. Then after that, i would use a very light, non greasy, hypo-allergenic face moisturizer.

    Hope that was informative for you guys.

  • Xoxo says:

    Dove is not a Soap!
    it’s a BEAUTY BAR.
    and it’s meant for the FACE & Body.
    70% of dermatologists uses Dove.

  • Marilyn says:

    I was in the shower and started to grab my facial cleanser when I realized that the bottle was empty. So I thought yikes I have to use the dove bar instead. I could not believe the result. My make up was removed in no time and my skin did not dry out. The next day my face looked more clear, very clean and soft. I did use a facial cream after I used the bar. This makes me mad; all the money I used on facial cleanser, serums, exfoliators etc… and nothing turns out to be as effective as a simple Dove soap bar. It also evened out my skin tone, no more blemishes and dark spots. Good luck.

  • iliketheway says:

    Depends on your skin. I have oily skin and tried the beauty bar. It only made my face more oily and break out. So I went back to using a product I use on the regular to keep pimples off. I will use doves beauty bar for body washing and nothing more.



  • lady bug says:

    I always heard never, never use soap on your all through my twentys I used special face washes, pro-active anything any everything to help keep my skin clean. Well just recently I decided to try the white Dove on my face while in the shower. Well let me say I am very pleased with the results after using it for a couple of weeks now. My face has cleared up, skin tone seems to look more even and my face does not seem super oily anymore! I am so glad that I tried it. I also have been using CVS brand coco butter lotion on my face and it is working great for me also, I would never had thought of using anything other than oil of olay before! Good luck girls!!

  • Alice says:

    I am 18 with acne prone skin that tends to be on the oily side (but acne washes would seriously dry it out and then make it even oilier). I just started using Dove Beauty Bar about a couple weeks ago and I already love it! I have tried soo many different face washes/cleansers/etc. and this is better than all of them. I have already stopped breaking out, my facial oils are totally balanced, and my complexion is evening out. I would TOTALLY recommend this. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and before I go to bed, with a wash cloth.

  • Nia Patterson says:

    I love this websites because you never have to worry if anything is wrong.

  • ms. special says:

    Absolutelty!! It works great.. try it out goodluck!!

  • fereshteh says:

    yes i use it every morning and i saw it in tv that if you used it for 7 days then you get a beautiful skin 🙂

  • Edward Cullen says:

    Dove is fine to use on your face. I use it every evening (in the morning I just splash with water). In the evening I follow with a little dab of Cerave cream to dry areas – not all over – in the AM I apply a sunscreen all over my face and neck.

    This is all you need!

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