Is there a name for a form of Christian theology where everyone is saved in the end? Where all go to Heaven?

Is there a name for a form of Christian theology where everyone is saved in the end? Where all go to Heaven?
Have any famous theologians or Christian thinkers espoused this idea?

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Answer by bigA
Yes. Jesus.

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  • "Kh a a a a a n n" ! ! says:

    Yes, there have been Christians who have espoused this. Bishop John Shelby Spong did, I think.

    I guess its a nice idea to think that all are saved, but when you take judgement out the equation you are taking out a big chunk of the whole christian message, as scary as it might be.

    No Hell means no divine judgement. Do you really think that you’ll go to Heaven and see Hitler waiting there to greet you?

  • ▒Ðan†ès says:

    Unitarianism and if not mistaken the Baha’i–I’m sure there are many others..

  • FishA says:


    C.S. Lewis believed in this teaching. Also, his mentor George MacDonald

  • Clay says:

    Origen did, I think. It was called apokatastasis.

  • Ron stalking the truth says:

    i’m not sure but your question reminded me of a joke.

    A guy gets to heaven and St. Peter is showing him around. The two of them began walking down a long hallway, and they came to a door. Peter opened the door and they heard all of these people singing hymns, and Peter said to the guy, “Oh, here are all the Methodists.” Then they walked on a little further, and came to another door, and opened it, and saw a bunch of people dressed up and the strong smell of incense, and Peter said, “Oh, here are all the Episcopalians.” They walked on, and came to another door, and opened it, and saw a bunch of people shouting and jumping up and down, and Peter said, “Oh, here are all the Pentecostals.” But then they walked near another door, only this time, instead of opening it, Peter said to the guy, “Ssshhhh, we have to be quiet. Those are the Baptists in there, and they think they’re the only ones up here!”

  • Darth Garcia says:

    This is a Gnostic idea found in the banned Gospel of Peter where Jesus secretly tells Peter that in the end everyone gets saved, hell is eventually emptied and even Satan himself finally comes around and is admitted back into heaven and the service of God.

    You can see why the early authoritarian Church banned that one.

  • John 3:16 says:

    i’m only 14 so this is a little hard to answer, but here it goes: yes, and it is very wrong. God originally made hell for satan and his demons. a lot of people make a big mistake in thinking that satan somehow “rules” over hell. He does not in anyway.

    But think about this: If God saved EVERYONE. RIGHT NOW. NO ONE would go to hell. Everyone would go to heaven no matter how badly they have sinned, that would make Him a bad and unjust God, wouldn’t it? Then all the rapists, the murderers, fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, idolaters would be there in heaven with you and me.

    No, God is not a bad God. He is the most Holy. He is eternally Holy, so it would only make sense that we deserve eternal punishment. But since God loves us SO much. Though we are imperfect, sinful, choose evil instead of God, He STILL chose to help and save us from damnation.

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever shall believe in Him shall not perish, but have ever lasting life.” John 3:16!

    This IS the Gospel!
    God bless.

  • Chicago Bob. says:

    Of Course there is, The Teachings of JESUS CHRIST. If all will confess their Sins to HIM and accept HIM as their Life Guide. All will enter Heaven.

    But unfortunately this will not happen.

    GOD Bless YA,

    Chicago Bob. (Imasinner)

    Please pray for our Country and Our President (DAILY)



    There is more Joy in JESUS in 24 hours, Than there is in the World in 365 Days. I have tried them both.(ME TO)
    R.A. Torrey.

  • gene b says:

    All religions are made up by man.. I’m sure at least one of them will say whatever you want them to say..You are very fortunate to have been born in an era when God’s truth became available to everyone..If you will read my source you will learn first of all there is only one Creator God and that it is absolutely impossible for anyone to not go to heaven.. There is no where else to go as Hell exists only in the minds of man..God is pure love, truth and joy and will never judge, condemn or punish anyone for any reason. This is hard for most religions to understand(especially christians) because they want to see everyone punished that does not believe as they do..They falsely believe that God loves some more than others..There is much for such people to learn but they will learn..The source I am telling you about will , in the not to distant future, become a part of all religions..God bless.

  • pyrodan777 says:

    there is probably a religion out there that will tell you that but according to God all men are sinfull by nature because of the fall of adam and eve but God offers a way to be redeemed from that which is jesus christ, but only for those who accept him, once he has been accepted then we are free from the bondage of sin

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